High school drop out.

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Drop out tee: MinkPink / Red jacket: Chuu / Jeans: ASOS / Slipons: Chuu / Bag: Celine (similar) / Sunglasses: RayBan

Truth be told: I’m a high school drop out. So when I saw this amazing Mink Pink top, I was like yup- must be mine.
I’m actually a proud High School drop out. I left in the 11th grade when I realize I was wasting my time and ambition on a place that flowed at a pace too slow for my liking. I researched day and night on how I could get homeschooled, as it’s quite rare in Toronto as our public schools are quite good at accommodating people of all levels and disabilities. Long story short, I left, worked my butt of every day until 4am, and finished school a year earlier than I was “supposed to”.
So yea, I wear this shirt with pride. After all, I never got a grad sweater, so it’s the closest thing I’ve got.