Just to double check.

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Check blouse: Miamasvin / Leather pants: Mackage / Heels: Celine / Bag: Celine / Watch: Michael Kors / Bangle: Hermes

Isn’t it the greatest when you can step outside, take a walk, breathe some air, without freezing? Comfortable outdoor living. It’s practically foreign to Canadians.

Leather pants are the hero of the year. They look chic, are absurdly comfortable, and actually keep my legs warmer than three pairs of leggings stacked- believe me I’ve done the clinical exams. As soon as I got my hands on these Mackage salmon pink leather trousers, I knew they would never come off. Also, let’s just talk about how Alexander Wang’s SS14 collection has inspired a new way of wearing blouses. There’s just no way to get out of bearing stomach. First it was the crop tops, it went to cropped sweaters, then people where like agh screw it let’s just wear bra-looking tops, and now it went as far as bearing stomach with an innocent plaid blouse. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticizing.. I’m living for it.