Lost in introspect.

photo 1 photo 2phdddoto (4) photo 3 Yellow sweater: Topshop / Sneakers: New Balance / Jeggings: True Religion

All over the place- one shot in NYC, one in Bari, one in Germany. Kind of life right now- all over the place. I’ve only been “home” in Toronto for about 7 days this entire month, and believe me that’s been my dream for such a long time. I don’t know how it just suddenly came true, though. Being 18 and trying to figure out how you want to branch yourself off from the world your parents created for you, is quite a ride. I sat around in Toronto for a week, half battling a cold, half battling jetlag, and fully not wanting to be in the dead city itself. So here I am, in London now. (Boy I make it sound easy). Someone wrote on my instagram that I’m practically magnetically attracted to London. I can’t quite explain why I’m here so often, so maybe only physics can be held accountable.