Not in the tropics.

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Dress: Abercrombie / Hat: ASOS / Booties: Senso via Solestruck / Flower bracelet: ASOS

What gets better than finding palm trees and blossoming flowers in your local park? It’s funny how palm trees are literally a typical plant for over half of the world’s population, but I see one and basically squeal with joy.

I decided to take advantage of a beautiful, sunny day in London and shoot my new favourite spring crochet dress from Abercrombie. The material is so soft I could practically sleep in it, which I was almost guilty of doing when I first got it and was probably a bit too excited. I paired it with my new asos floppy hat (which, hats off to asos first of all, for making hats that flawlessly fit my huge head), and my new senso booties from solestruck. This lady at the airport was staring me down and following me, and it all confused me at first, but then she finally approached me as was like “Okay gurl I love your shoes, where are they froooom?!”. Senso, my sister.

Definitely keen on what other fabulous new dresses Abercrombie is coming out with this spring, and also stocking up on asos hats in all different colours asap.  Spring is basically in full force here in London, and you seriously have no idea how much happiness that brings me. I am a beaming bowl of sunshine and happiness when I walk down the streets here. Agh, getting too sappy. Must stop. See you soon London.