The wind was mad and so was my heart.

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Blouse: H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection / Skirt: Brandy Melville / Belt: Vintage / Boots: ZARA / Bag: Alexander Wang
Photos: Anat Morderer

I’m living for and buzzing on this wave of inspiration that surrounds me. On instagram, on tumblr, in the world around me and outside the horizon. Isn’t it freaky to think that there are people in a place like Greece for example, living their lives at this exact same time as you. They have their own little house, their own traditions, and it is so so different from anything you know. Heck, there may be traditions and cultures beyond your knowledge. Countries you’ve never heard of. Isn’t that spectacular? (You’re all shaking your head like no sonya no one cares.)
Well I do. So I’m going to Greece. Bye.
K no but really I need to get out and explore. It just kinda sucks that I would have to do it alone. Nobody I know would be down to hit up Thailand at this moment. Or impulsively take a trip to NYC. One day though. Mark my words. I’m gonna be Dora the explorer with my impulsive and thirsty for new-ness companion .