Jewels & Rips.

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Beatles shirt: Christian Benner / Jeans: H&M Trend / Plaid shirt: Miamasvin / Sneakers: Converse / Sunglasses: Celine / Bag: ASOS

Question: How practical are you guys with regards to fashion? Do you wear rain boots in the rain? Do you actually wear a hat if it’s below zero outside? Or do you care more that a hat would definitely not work with the rest of your outfit? I’m certainly the latter. I mean yea, I’ve earned a few fevers this winter due to impracticality, but dare I say it was worth it. Or is this “sacrifice for fashion” thing just a blogger/idiot phenomenon?

I bring this up cause I went hiking up muddy hills in this outfit. But whatevs, the white converse remained white so we’re good!