I guess I like ripped jeans.

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Leather jacket: Boda skins / Top: Christian Benner / Ripped jeans: Miamasvin / Boots: ZARA / Hat: ZARA / Bag: Celine
Photos: Anat Morderer

I mean, ripped jeans are kind of cool. I limit myself though- I only wear them every single freaking day.
Something about me and pure denim just doesn’t sit well, I need a rip, a discolouration, a vintage wash, and slashes from hip bone to ankle are actually favourable. Funny enough, some people (especially the males following me on instagram) just can’t accept that hole are kewl now, and no, I didn’t fall off my bike, or get attacked by a cat. Okay well that all happened but my jeans were not at stake.
I’ve been a hardcore fan ever since they were the “hottest trend” around 2005. What do you think about ripped denim?