There’s daisies under the snow.

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Pink sweater: ZARA / Skirt: ZARA (similar) / Boots: Balenciaga / Headphones: Frends / Denim jacket: Chuu

Okay, so I know what you’re thinking.
“There’s snow on the ground… and you’re in a mini skirt… you’re not fooling anyone Sonya”.
Thing is, it was warm that day. I really wore this outfit. The snow on the ground is not snow, it is a special kind of ice that will not melt until approximately July 31. It’s a nice cocktail of 50 snow storms, ice storms, chemicals, salt, and human tears.

Having said that, I couldn’t resist wearing this tropical skirt I found in the TRF section of ZARA. I’ve always looked past wrap skirts a la Helmut Lang, but they really are something else. I’m not a total fan of bandage skirts, so this is kind of a fun way to balance out an outfit or a bulky sweater. Florals for the spring? Groundbreaking.