Back in Toronto, back in black.

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Jumpsuit: Armani Exchange
Photos: Jonathan David Garde Casana

Leaving your favourite city on earth is never a pleasurable experience. I would call it bittersweet, but let’s be honest, it’s not bittersweet. It’s like 100% pure cacao. Like raw cacao beans you buy at the health food store because you’re convinced you’re antioxidant deficient, but then you spit that crap out and go back to 7-eleven for a kitkat bar.
On my last day in NYC, I dropped by Armani Exchange and found this amazing jumpsuit that just screamed “spring time” to me! I paired it with a leather jacket and heels for the perfect memorial day outfit, or just a day in the city sans wool coat and mittens (I’m still in shock that this is becoming a reality). I love how chic a mono-colour jumpsuit looks, and this black one was just what I needed for a day of castings. You often hear of the little black dress, but what ever happened to the little black jumpsuit? Just as chic. Just as elegant. But a lot more edgy. #intoit