Like you put the stars in the sky.

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Star cami: Kate Moss x Topshop / Fringe jacket: Kate Moss x Topshop / Jeans: ASOS / Boots: Modern Vice (via Revolve Clothing) / Sunglasses: Miu Miu / Bag: Celine
Photos: Jonathan David Garde Casana

Do you ever find yourself just having to trust that what you’re doing, the path you’re on, the sacrifices you make and the downfalls you experience, are all for the best? It goes without saying that I’ve taken the path less traveled by, and I suppose it’s caused people to see me differently. I don’t particularly experience a typical young adult life, and my days mostly revolve around building and bettering myself in modelling and blogging. Regardless of time, I’m always looking for inspiration, new content, editing photos or videos, on a phone call, and answering emails until 2am. I wonder if “missing out” from partying, going out all the time, dating, whatever, is what I have exchanged for working from a young age and pursuing my dreams. I’ve gained the respect of my peers but I’ve lost a connection with them.
I’ve analyzed, and analyzed, and analyzed- but my conclusion is simple. My soul is just hungry for travel. I believe that as long as you do what you feel is honest to your innermost desires and passions, all else will fall into place. Having said that, my trip to NYC next week couldn’t come at a better time.

  • Natali

    Omg! This outfit od such na inspiration to me! I’m ih love with it!

    • Sonya Esman

      Aww thank you so much love x

  • Bruna

    Love the fringes in the jacket, beautiful!

    • Sonya Esman

      It’s beautiful! Thank you Bruna x

  • Angie

    Have fun in NY, babe! I hope you vlog it & I hope to see you there in September for fashion week! I’m excited

    • Sonya Esman

      Yes!! I’ll definitely see you in September Angie! x

  • Janine Maral

    Very chic outfit. The kate moss x topshop line looks fantastic!
    Have a good time in NYC!

    Janine Maral from

    • Sonya Esman

      It’s fabulous! Thank you Janine! x

  • Алёна Шэ

    Heart – the only adviser that you can listen to. Do not care what others think about you, it is only important that your soul wants to do.
    Do what you want, as you want and with those with whom you want.

    By the way your top is very cute.
    Have a good time in NY.

    • Sonya Esman

      Thank you Alena <3

  • Guest


    • Sonya Esman

      <3 right back a you

  • QueenLina

    great outfit! so Kate Moss.. :*

    • Sonya Esman

      Well isn’t that funny? ;)x

  • cloe aloe

    Travelling is always the best thing for a human soul.
    Good luck, Sonya

    ps your pictures are so awesome!

    • Sonya Esman

      Isn’t it? :) Im so excited! Thank you so much for being so kind Cloe <3

  • Anuta Kokoeva

    Выглядишь отлично, как и всегда!! Не перестаю восхищаться тобой и никогда не перестану!
    По поводу путешествий, приезжай в Москву! Просто не могу дождаться встречи с такой потрясающей девушкой!
    Люблю тебя и твой стиль <3

    • Sonya Esman

      Spasibo Anuta! Koneshno priyedu!

  • sasha sky

    Соня, спасибо тебе большое, что вдохновляешь нас!
    Да, я тоже думаю, что путешествие – самое лучшее в мире!

    И да, твои новые фотографии просто чудесны! ♥

    • Sonya Esman

      Spasibo TEBYE Sasha :) :)

  • Настёна Власова

    Сонечка, я полностью с тобой согласна! Ведь нужно заниматься только тем, чем ты хочешь. А не выбирать стандартные пути, навязанные кем-то. Когда выбираешь не тот путь, по которому тебе идти, ты становишься несчастным.

    • Sonya Esman

      Spasibo <3

  • Marina

    You’ve always said that you don’t need other people so maybe you’re just a bit tired. What you’re doing is what you’ve always wanted, what you want now is a short-lasting whim, get it and forget it. Travelling surely will cheer you up. Smile and be happy as you are ;)

    • Sonya Esman

      I am definitely happy and smiling :) Sometimes seeing friends doing things without you makes it hard though.

      • Marina

        But guess what, I’m 99.9 % sure they also envy at times on what you have. Stay gold, luv ya

  • Julia

    I think that every person chooses his own way, and only you should know what is better for you.
    As for me, I’m a kind of person who has other interests and beliefs than most of the people I know,live or study with
    Sometimes I feel lonely and think that I do something wrong but understand that I love my way and want to be MYSELF
    So don’t worry about it, you are the unique person who don’t have to follow the stream

    • Sonya Esman

      You’re right! Thank you for your words Julia :)

  • Sonya Vasileva

    hi, Sonia. I also believe that we need to choose the heart that you like. if we choose what we hottm we will be happy to enjoy every single day. as always I love your outfit, very stylish, youth in general SUPER!

    • Sonya Esman

      Thank you so much Sonya :)

  • Oxana


    ♥ Oxana

    O X A N A  M.U.A makeup blog NEW! BRIGHT! MAKEUP!

    Bloglovin | Facebook | TumblrInstagram

    • Sonya Esman

      Thank you Oxana <3

  • Nesmashnah Natalia


    • Sonya Esman

      <3 Spasibooo

  • Молот


    • Sonya Esman

      Thank you :)

  • Hevein

    Сонечка, а перевода на русский теперь не будет отдельно?

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  • Nail Many

    Просто шик!!
    С одной стороны этот look веселый и забавный, а с другой стороны серьезный))

  • Juna Gavrilenko

    thank you for inspiring me every day. i m looking forward to my summer trip where I ll try all the delicious fruit you’ve recommended. good luck and have fun ;)

  • Marzhan Abdrakhmanova

    штаны классные

  • Nata Flik

    Look прекрасный! И смешано всё великолепно!
    Немного инди, капелька рока и классика!..
    Всё супер! хх

  • Diana

    манго покрываются призервативами плохими”

  • Маша

    Привет Соня . Ты очень классная девчонка ,ты меня вдохновляешь со своими видэо и советами .благодаря тебе я стараюсь делать правильные поступки и необращять на других внимание .мне очень нравица твои видео ты не такая как все , ты красивая и не слушаи то что про тебя говорят . У меня в стране очень жарко я купаюсь и гуляю с друзьями .

  • Guest

    привет Павлу)

  • Chara Rashidova

    Красавица) Я помню эти лосины:3

  • Inessa


  • Ieva

    Hi Sonya!
    You have such beautiful clothes! What are your favorite shops/ online shops?

  • vesmayuliya

    And what an awful feeling when you come back from your trip. For the first time you like your room, your flat, but then memories start overwhelming you and you even feel how walls start pressing you…Wish you a lot of traveling, experience and emotions. :)
    P.S. this outfit is like a preparation for the best times in NY ;)

  • Kamilla

    Хочу такой же топ(((

  • Safia Kotaeva

    Like Lucy in the sky with diamonds ✌️

  • Safia Kotaeva

    Очки Аля Джон Леннон

  • Barska Xenia

    Довольно необычно, но оочень круто!!)

  • Safia Kotaeva


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