Like you put the stars in the sky.

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Star cami: Kate Moss x Topshop / Fringe jacket: Kate Moss x Topshop / Jeans: ASOS / Boots: Modern Vice (via Revolve Clothing) / Sunglasses: Miu Miu / Bag: Celine
Photos: Jonathan David Garde Casana

Do you ever find yourself just having to trust that what you’re doing, the path you’re on, the sacrifices you make and the downfalls you experience, are all for the best? It goes without saying that I’ve taken the path less traveled by, and I suppose it’s caused people to see me differently. I don’t particularly experience a typical young adult life, and my days mostly revolve around building and bettering myself in modelling and blogging. Regardless of time, I’m always looking for inspiration, new content, editing photos or videos, on a phone call, and answering emails until 2am. I wonder if “missing out” from partying, going out all the time, dating, whatever, is what I have exchanged for working from a young age and pursuing my dreams. I’ve gained the respect of my peers but I’ve lost a connection with them.
I’ve analyzed, and analyzed, and analyzed- but my conclusion is simple. My soul is just hungry for travel. I believe that as long as you do what you feel is honest to your innermost desires and passions, all else will fall into place. Having said that, my trip to NYC next week couldn’t come at a better time.