Disposable memories.

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I’m going to try to start this new thing here whereby I post all (well, most) of the photos I took that week with my film camera. Taking pictures with a film camera is incomparable to using a digital camera or iPhone. First of all, you have to be highly aware that you’re actually taking a photo- one that cannot be erased or reviewed and redone. It forces you to think sharply and give it your all.
I shot a campaign for a Toronto-based brand last September using only a professional old school film camera, and the shots were beyond perfect, probably because I felt pressure to hold my poses, not blink on the shutter, and just give the photographer 100%.
I had three or so shoots this week, all of which challenged me in ways that made me come out of the shoot as a better person. I love collaborating closely with photographers and sharing the same vision, mostly because that’s when I know what to give them and how to pose. It’s so empowering to not just feel like a model that has no say in what she does, but as a part of the collaborative process.

Also- pineapples and watermelons. Yom.