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Fringe jacket: Vintage / Striped top: Commes Des Garcons / Loafers: ZARA

My love for fringe right now is unparalleled. I’ve been so desperately on the hunt for a perfectly fitted suede fringe jacket, and failed so hard on all my thrifting trips that I truly feel defeated.
You win, Value Village, you win.

In good news, I just checked the new arrivals at ZARA and saw a jacket just like this in their new arrivals section. Crossing every crossable thing on my body that it fits perfectly. Unfortunately this vintage one was borrowed from my friend Katie after we shot for an exciting upcoming collaboration on King Street. After shooting I drove to Maple (which is a suburb to Toronto, maybe 40 minutes north) to attend Anat‘s friend’s birthday party. I must say interaction with people my age puts me in fight or flight mode. I’m so used to being with people that are in their 20’s and 30’s, that the mere interaction with teenagers confuses me. Should I shake their hand and introduce myself? Give them a business card? Or do I pound it and half hug because everybody Facebook stalks one another anyway? The confusion was real but we made it out alive. And I liked it.