Blue velvet.

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Velvet swimsuit: Lisa Blue / Necklace: Jennifer Zuener / Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Photos by Anat Morderer.

I seriously miss the days that revolved around morning beach picnics and the smell of salt water. If you ever plan on traveling to Miami, I seriously recommend coming to the beach for sunrise because you’ll get the most beautiful sight you’ve ever see. Unfortunately it was hurricane season during our trip so as you can see, the consistent rain made the ocean far from crystal clear, but the warmth of the water made up for the lacklustre colours. It’s strange- Miami is by far one of my favourite cities in the USA, but it’s kind of random in the sense that I don’t see myself modelling there or doing any other kind of work. It’s a Romeo and Juliet kind of story.

If you’ve never heard of Lisa Blue– allow me to introduce you to the beautiful and ethical brand. 25% of net profits from the sale of their swimwear goes towards the protection of whales & dolphins, which I find is quite rare for fashion brands. I found this stunning midnight blue velvet bikini from their Sorceress collection and knew it was the one I had to bring with me to Miami, mainly because of  Lana Del Rey’s song “Blue velvet”. More importantly, how often do you come across a velvet bikini? I’ll always be a lover of unique fashion pieces that make you stand out from the crowd and also act as a conversation starter. Velvet is one of the most luxurious and beautiful fabrics, and the flattering cut of this bikini along with the bow accents just make it an all-around dream.