Dressed up denim.

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Photos by Katie Henderson
Trench dress: Ann Taylor / Shirt: Commes Des Garcons / Denim: Ann Taylor / Heels: Celine

What gets better than a day downtown, being productive all day, and then meeting up with friends in the evening? Allow me to answer my own rhetorical question. Nothing.
I’ve been doing quite a few interviews lately, and often I get asked to define my personal style. I’m a broken record, I always answer the same thing: “style is impossible to define. It’s like personality, it’s pointless to put into a box because it’s ever-changing and always progressing.” I feel just as much “my self” in ripped up jeans, boots and a sweater as I do in this trench vest, floppy hat and pointed toe heels. One day I’m sad, the next I’m happy. However, this doesn’t make my personality “happy” nor “sad”. I’m me, and that is as simple and complicated as it gets.

Just like personality or style, I love a good pair of jeans for their endless versatility. Admittedly, I probably own dozens of black jeans in my closet. Some boyfriend, some super skinny, some only somewhat skinny, some distressed. But regardless of style, black denim is the most flattering bottom I have ever found. I love these jeans for their subtle sheen and zipper pockets, something about them screams both French street style and Rock n’ Roll at the same time. You could pair them with boots in the winter or sandal heels in the summer and both would work together seamlessly. It’s all about being adaptable to change and various situations. Me and my black denim are on the same page in life.