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Crochet dress: Kimchi Blue / Sunglasses: Ray-ban / Watch: Daniel Wellington
Photos by Anat Morderer

Miami beach is laced with a magnitude of divinity.
I wouldn’t even mind the sand getting in my clothes and shoes, because in some sense I was taking that greatness with me everywhere I went afterwards. We took these photo right after sundown, running to the beach from a pizza joint just to catch some light. The tranquility I feel from an empty beach after sundown, after everybody departs for home and all that’s left is the moon and the lightning in the distance- it’s a feeling you have to live, not verbalize.
Simplicity works best for days when the weather is unbearably hot. I wore this stunning lace/crochet/woven dress I found at Urban with my minimalistic Daniel Wellington watch and the new loves of my life- my round ray-bans. Wish I had a straw fedora for 99% of my Miami outfits, but the downside of traveling as a blogger is that you don’t have a whole closet full of clothes to work with.
The upside of traveling as a blogger that that’s the only downside.