Sea salt & temporary tattoos.

good gud gudu Skirt: American Apparel / Boots: ASOS / Bag: Mackage “Rubie” / Watch: Shore Projects / Palm tree tattoo: Skin Feelings

A little Friday morning disposable camera goodness for you all, brought to you by my crappy scanner plugged into my old PC that wasted an hour of my life. I swear you have patience made of gold if you use a PC computer. It takes 10 minutes just for the damn thing to turn on, let alone open a window, or dare I say.. open a new tab. Oh the complexity!
I wore this on one of my first days back in Toronto, testing out my new ASOS booties which have changed my casting game forever. They are everything I could ever dream of for a high heeled, comfortable, easy-to-walk-in, supermodel status boot. Plaid shirt obsession- check. Mackage mini bag- check. And we’re good to go for a walk along the lake. Also thought it was worth mentioning that I am head over heels obsessed with my new Skin Feelings tattoos. So many people have been commenting on my instagram “oh my god Sonya! Why didn’t you tell us you got 3 new tattoos this week!!?” People, people.. don’t you think if I got a real tattoo I’d be talking about it? I don’t play mysterious. They’re all luxury temporary tattoos coming straight from France, and the only downside is the fact that I actually want all of them to stay on forever.