A passionate summer.

I believe in living every single day of your life to the fullest. Crafting moments and making everyday, and night, count. As soon as the sun comes out I’m out with my friends, exploring, adventuring, relaxing at the beach – you name it. I can’t help it – I’m a creature of the sun. I love that star so much, I have a tattoo of it on my hand. I’m always most inspired in the summer, and tend to explore new trends and styles. This season I’m excited about wearing more jewelry. I’ve always loved stacking pieces that resonate with you or are symbolic of a certain trip, person or day. I haven’t been able to take off my John Hardy Cord bracelets, mostly because it makes me reminiscent of one of the best summers of my life: I made colorful woven bracelets for all my friends and used the colors in the bracelets as a secret code. The colors represented what country my friends were from (red and white for Canadians), and I made a bracelet in green, red and white because my crush in High School was Italian. This summer, I want to make my days as colorful and vibrant as possible, and my outfits and accessories always remind me to stay upbeat and continue exploring the world. In collaboration with John Hardy, I decided to curate a list of things I do in the summer that feed my passions and inspire me to live everyday like it’s my first. This is one of my favourite collaborations I’ve ever done, so make sure to check me out on the homepage of John Hardy. Talk about a dream come true!

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Beautiful flower arrangements make the word go round. Or, at least it feels that way every time I come home and see bouquets scattered around my house. The flower selection in the summer months is an absolute dream, so I make sure to re-stock on white hydrangeas and peonies every week. Thankfully, I live across from the sweetest florist; she always takes the time to put together a beautiful arrangement for me – based on my Instagram inspiration! The biggest tip I learned from my local florist is to stick to a simple color palette. Pastel blues and pinks work really well with white peonies and roses.
Blue cord | Pink cord | Classic silver chain

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The ocean in Miami is crystal blue and beautiful. I spent a large portion of my childhood in some of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic, but there’s still something special about swimming alongside the cosmopolitan city of Miami. You can look into the depths of the ocean and feel the peace and a sense of calm; but then you turn back to the shore and see a stunning city skyline and feel the bustling energy. It’s like a paradise, in which you’ll never get bored. Just dip your head under the waves and let the salt water make you feel one with nature.
Blue cord | Pink cord | Classic chain gold / reversible

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Eating local foods is absolutely as important as eating clean and organic. Taste the difference between fruit from the grocery store, and a local, in-season peach – the difference is staggering! I try my best to visit the Brickwork’s farmer’s market every Saturday and talk to the local farmers about what’s in season. It’s practically tradition to buy sugar snap peas and organic cherries for feast in the park right beside the market.
Blue cord | Classic chain silver / reversible | Classic silver chain

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I’ve come to realize that the most memorable summer days are not necessarily shaped by spending time on the beach or in nature, but in the car on the way there. I love being on the freeway, admiring the open fields and colors of nature; something about driving for hours is so relaxing. Taking a road trip also means lots of down time, so I like to spend it wisely (catching up with friends or listening to Lana Del Rey’s new album).
Blue cord | Pink cord | Classic chain gold / reversible

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As soon as the snow melts and the temperature is above ten degrees Celsius, you can find me biking just about everywhere. It feels so euphoric to cruise through tree-lined streets in my neighborhood, sun on my back, wind in my hair, headphones on. It’s magic. There’s one cycling trail in Toronto that looks just like the countryside in Russia. That is my happy place.
Blue cord | Pink cord | Classic chain gold / reversible

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