Beautiful people: Mimi Ikonn.

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I want to make my blog something more than just a blog, I want it to purely be a place, a platform, of inspiration and substance. I’m going to be implementing some small expansions in the near future, but for now I wanted to introduce a new section on my blog which I’m naming “beautiful people”, whereby I introduce you guys to people that have changed my life and inspired me personally.
If I had to think of one person who has moulded me into a healthier, more ambitious and visionary person- it would be Mimi Ikonn.
I first came across Mimi around four years ago on YouTube when I was looking for hair tutorials. She and her husband Alex created a hair extension brand named Luxy Hair and used YouTube tutorials and personal vlog videos as a means of getting their name out there. The two (they’re a power couple btw, like, Beyonze & Jay-Z status) have grown their entrepreneurial idea into a worldwide megabrand with the help of social media. Beyond being an incredible business woman, Mimi is one of the most kind-hearted people I’ve ever met in my life. Something she told me a while back that struck me was: “I don’t believe in bad people. I believe some good people have bad habits.” Not everybody you meet genuinely sees the good in every person and gives out of a growing sense of love and admiration for others. Mimi is the kind of person that would donate to charity and not instagram about it, you feel me? One of the most inspiring things she’s ever done in my eyes, is spend her birthday giving back to others (bringing food to the homeless, paying for people’s coffee at starbucks, etc) instead of celebrating herself. It was the first time I’ve ever heard of somebody spending “their day” on anything but themselves, and it made so much sense I felt silly for never considering it.

I sat Mimi down in Luxy Hair’s London office after her holiday to the Amalfi coast, where she was celebrating her birthday this year. When I realized Mimi was a leo, it all made perfect sense to me. Leos are confident, ambitious, generous, loyal and encouraging. Check, check, aaaand check. For once I feel like astrology could actually be beyond made up BS you find in the back of a magazine, because Mimi pretty clearly epitomizes her astrological sign. Mimi was wearing a leo charm from PANDORA‘s Star sign essence collection along with the courage and confidence charms, which is no wonder because she epitomizes both words.
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Back when you lived in Toronto and were just thinking of the idea of creating Luxy Hair with Alex, what gave you the courage to actually pursue the business idea? Did you ever think “maybe this isn’t a good idea, maybe this is silly..”?
Well before Luxy Hair, I had a different business. I was doing image consulting and fashion styling, I think for that I needed more courage than for Luxy Hair. Sometimes it is hard to believe in yourself, and you can doubt yourself and think whether you can do something or not. I just learned not to tell people when I start something, so when I start something I just do it. I think it can be detrimental when you tell people because they can sway you away. It happened to me with the image consulting business, where some of my girlfriend were like “Oh, don’t do it, just get a safe job”, so when we decided to do Luxy we didn’t tell anyone. We thought it was a cool idea because Youtube was just starting- well it wasn’t starting out, we thought it was really big, but now in retrospect it was just starting out [four years ago]. We just thought we’ll go for it, and if nothing happens, nothing happens. We never thought it was gonna get to like a million subscribers, we just thought it will be fun and creative, and as long as it’s fun and creative we’re gonna have fun and it’s all that matters.

Do you think there was any realization or event that happened in your life that made you learn to love yourself?
It’s constantly happening. Thats’ something I’m learning… that’s probably one of the biggest lessons I have to learn. I’m very loving towards other people, and I give a lot, but I need to learn to give to myself as well because the most important person you have to love is yourself. When you’re full, you can give more to others. I love socializing and doing all these things but I need to spend more time, even alone, doing meditation or yoga or just investing in myself. So it’s not something I would say I’ve learned, it’s something I’m constantly learning, and that’s what life is for. One book I can recommend for that is “Mastery of love”; it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read, not just about self-love, but your relationships with other human beings.

See it’s interesting you would say that because I thought you would have a definite answer, like “this is what made me confident- cause I’m confident.” That’s what it comes across as.
I know, but that’s probably what people think about you and so many people. I think when you think you’ve ‘made it’, is when you’re actually delusional. You never make it. The moment you stop learning is the moment you start deteriorating. So for me, I don’t feel like I’ve achieved anything. I feel like I want so much more to learn and experience and try.
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You said in one of your latest videos that you own dozens of blazers because they make you feel powerful and confident. Do you generally believe clothing style or fit can influence your confidence (whether it be temporary or long-term)?
Absolutely. From my background in image consulting and styling, when I went to school for image consulting, it was one of the best educations I’ve gotten. You can’t even call it an education, it was just half a year, you just do it at George Brown College [in Toronto]. It was amazing because you learn so much about the psychology of image. We judge a person subconsciously in the first ten seconds we see them. It’s not something we want to do, it’s just something we do. So coming across a certain way is not a choice. If you wanna be successful in this life, you have to look the part. Of course if you don’t care about society, you can look as you want. But if you wanna get somewhere in life, whether you’re a teacher or model, blogger, doesn’t really matter- you have to look a certain way. And image definitely affects your mood and your mental being. I think sometimes even putting on something fresh and colourful can make you feel a million times better, I’ve seen it in my personal life and even working with clients.

It is said that Leo’s are outgoing, self-assured and have a tremendous zest for life. Knowing you, I would definitely agree. Do you think there is one thing that gives you so much love and excitement for life?
I think its the opportunity for a better world. My world of course, and then that can expand to the world. There’s my favourite quote by Paulo Coelho: “it’s a possibility of a dream come true that makes life exciting.” So it’s just the possibility of any dream that I have coming true, that kind of gives me the zest. It might happen, it might not happen, but just the possibility that it might gives me the excitement.
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What would you suggest to somebody who lacks confidence?
You just have to fake it till you make it. I think I’m more confident than some people I know, I feel self-reassured, it just comes naturally maybe because I’m a leo. But I cant say that I’ve been confident at everything I’ve done in my life, so sometimes I had to fake it. When I started working as a fashion stylist I wasn’t confident in my skill, I knew I wanted to do it, but I didn’t know if I could. I had to just do it and then eventually I got better, and people gave me compliments and you get reassured and feel more confident. You just have to do things and then you become confident because you see that you’re succeeding, but if you’re not succeeding then maybe it’s just not for you. You have to really learn from other people who are doing things well. Confidence I think can be learned if you don’t possess it naturally.

I always used to define myself as an ambitious person, but the more I got into spirituality and reading books from gurus like Osho, the more I started to question whether being an ambitious person was actually a good thing. Do you think your ambition serves you?
Yes and no. I think it’s important to have ambition, because it gets you out of bed in the morning, but you can be attached to the dream or the ambition. At the end of the day, like all spirituality teaches, as long as you don’t create attachment to things I think you can exercise them happily and without suffering. As soon as you create attachment to anything, you’re suffering. Sometimes Leila [my sister] will tell me ” why do you take things seriously?!” but it’s like: if you don’t take things seriously, then you can’t be your best. Then you’re pathetic. I’m like, “I care, but I know that if something fails, it’s okay, I’ll be fine.” It’s a hard balance to maintain, but it’s just practice. But thats why we have this lifetime- is to practice.

​What are you most determined to accomplish in life at the moment?​
Well there’s a couple of things, it’s not an easy question to answer. I think personally I want to find peace and inner balance. I’m very excited and I can be anxious sometimes because I’m so excited. So it’s just learning to be more balanced, just as a human being. Professionally: is definitely to continue sharing my passion for fashion with the world. For me that’s my biggest passion in life. Beauty I really love as well, but if I could do one thing for the rest of my life it would be fashion, so like getting my hands in that more is my goal.

What is your favourite city in the world, and why?
London, thats why I live here. It’s a cosmopolitan city. A lot of the cities have a very strong culture about them, like New York or Paris, when you’re there the city makes you a New Yorker or the city makes you a Parisian. The culture is very strong. When you’re in London, it’s very open minded and it’s almost like you’re looking to a mirror and you become more of who you are. The city actually allows you to be whatever you want, so you’ll see very different characters here and everyone is accepted. So that’s why I love London, everyone got the right and freedom to be who they are.

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​Leo’s are genuinely warmhearted and want everyone to be happy​, which is so the case for you. There are obviously lots of negative people in the world, people with bad intentions and spite. What is your philosophy on people who bare anger, why do you think they cannot possess the same selfless-ness that you effortlessly radiate?
Through going through tough times myself I’ve learned to become very compassionate with other people. So when I see other people who are angry, miserable, or attacking me- I just really send them love because I think what we do to others is what we do to ourselves first. For example, if I see somebody being really nice and sweet to other people and you can see it’s genuine, it just radiates from within them. They won’t be the person to be mean to themselves. So same thing, if I see somebody attacking somebody, cursing, you cut them off and they’re like screaming out of their car. Its like, wow, you must be really in pain and suffering in order for you to do that to a complete stranger. Okay maybe I cut you off, I didn’t mean to. A lot of people are in pain and it’s hard sometimes to go inside and deal with your issues, so what you do is you attack other people so you distract yourself. I have nothing but love and compassion for these people because I’ve never experienced aggression and I usually divert it more internally, but I can see how some people can take their pain and take it outside instead of dealing with it.

Do you follow any daily routines and rituals? Or do you live by intuition?
I think daily rituals are actually very important for mental well being, and just overall well being. In the morning I do yoga, meditation, I do a new thing called heart math which is really cool, it’s sort of like meditation but you can track it on your iPhone. I’ve been meaning to do a video on it but I’m very iffy when I recommend something so I want to really try it for a long time.

Describe your perfect day.
Almost every day I find is perfect, in the sense that I like not knowing what will happen sometimes. I like a bit of mystery and magic. Waking up, doing a bit of yoga meditation, then going out to work. I really enjoy what I do so I work almost every day, it’s hard for me to sometimes pull myself away. So just working, but also sometimes taking breaks and going for long walks with Alex. Taking pictures, I really enjoy photography. That’s my perfect day, taking it easy and doing what I love.

​What is the number one thing that Luxy Hair has taught you?
Time management and self management. People always dream of having their own business but they don’t realize that the good news is that you’re your own boss, and the bad news is that you are your own boss in the morning. Nobody’s gonna kick you out of bed. You need to have daily rituals that get you out of bed; you have to have a routine. The first couple of years we had no routine, it was terrible. I was depressed because I was always at home in front of the computer, so now I’ve learned to set routines where I get out of the house, I’m socializing with other people. Routine is actually healthy. When I worked for somebody I always thought that you know, when I have my own business I’ll just travel the world. Now when I travel, I actually create my routine because it helps me to be productive. There’s a reason for a 9-5, I know its hard to admit it, but there’s a reason.

Read more about Mimi on her fashion blog, youtube channel & follow her on instagram.

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    To todays article…this column will bring some fresh air in here (not that it would be necessarily needed but still :)) ). Mimi seems to be very thoughtful in a certain way, her statements are inspiring, deep, true and may bring some positive vibes and directions at the rise of the day….Even though, I feel some weird kind of naivety (am I wrong? is that only “best public version of myself?”) and what actually made me write this…there ARE bad people out there and you are lucky you haven´t that pleasure yet …I like the expression about bad habits, that is def true, but sometimes it baffles me what cruelty and wickedness is a human able to spread…sure, most of the time you may meet people on just a different wavelength with that different habits.

    Well, to finish this epos (sorry!), you get what you give, and for me, the only way is to stay real to yourself and keep your lenses clear instead of pink. But hey, I love people, love to give them and interaction with human being can be so freshening, just keep a little realistic bit for yourself ;) BTW, I am a capricorn, aren´t they pragmatic and realistic..?

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    You,guys really motivate people! But as for me, my personal motivation is me, ’cause I know that other people cannot motivate me to do something if I do not want it. But I can certainty say that strong,confident people, people who achieved something in their life push me on motivation, give me some ideas for my life plan and also they show me the better way of problem-solving.

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    Life is so various. That’s splendid. We r all different and indeed we r all beautiful in our own way. Sonya’s blog makes me inspired because of her versatility and some kind of simplicity. I read her blog, watch her videos and I hear my inner voice saying ‘comme il faut’. Honestly, I haven’t heard about Mimi Ikonn before and this post was like a discovery. How beautiful the world we live in. How many good people it has! I think we should all strive to be better than we were yesterday, and such people like Mimi are like a beacon in this enormous ocean that is called life. Sonya thank you for inspiration you give people. You make me meditate on things I’ve never even thought of. You help me to broaden the universe of mine by showing some great personalities, places and just yourself. I am not a mad fan. No. I haven’t got any idols. I’m just admired by such people like you and I respect them. Thank you one more time. You are stunning

  • Maria Shilnikova

    Sonya, thank you a lot for what you are doing! Sometimes i just need the words like “Just go on and do it”, and it really helps, and your blog is so interesting (!), so beautiful (!!) and so motivating (!!!).

    I am a Scorpio, and energy and wisdom are very important to me.

  • Jgbfrench

    really like this idea! Hope a lot more will follow. I’m a taurus and would love to win this great contest

  • Jgbfrench

    Great choice for the beautiful people new section ! And thanks for this Pandora challenge !

  • Jgbfrench

    Great choice for the beautiful people new section ! and thank you for the Pandora challenge, I just love the brand

  • Inna

    Pandora leads to a beautiful future

  • Nastya Kozhukhova

    the Earth will be an amazing place if there are more positive people like Mimi, this article makes me thinking about making the world around me better :)

  • Vanessa

    Cool another Leo!! Reading this article inspire me a lot. Will need to learn all the good from Mimi. Sonya, thanks for sharing this inspire and beautiful people article.

  • Lorena Rey

    Great Article and wonderful interview !!! I’m a Leo but not so confident, but I’m working on it

  • Tam

    Great interview!!

  • Alyona

    Stories about inspiring people are a cool :) And Mimi is really great person, as this article says

  • Elisaveta Shapiro

    Замечательная идея – создать такой блог как “Красивые люди”!)
    Ведь они и правда вдохновляют,поэтому многим будет интересно о них читать:) Туда и тебя можно отнести,так как ,благодаря тебе,в моей жизни что-то меняется и в жизни других подписчиков тоже,я думаю)) Мими,как я поняла,замечательный человек и она подает хороший пример. А так же,спасибо тебе и за остальные видео,блоги,фотографии,я люблю их смотреть) При просмотре видео,мне хочется делать что-то креативное,движущее меня вперед и развивающее меня! Вчера увидела “Рисую мою жизнь” и наконец узнала твою историю..меня даже на слезу пробило) Ты молодец в общем:)

  • tcostopoulos

    Great idea for a section. Very interesting to read. I like your Pandora challenge as well.

  • Lenura

    Actually been subscribed to Mimi’s channel for a while now and it’s great to see her appear in the beautiful people section because she truly is beautiful inside out. Great idea with the addition of this section to your vlog. A great way to inspire people for a greater life and new beginnings!

  • Camelia Andrasescu

    Lovely article, so inspiring, thank you so much!
    Simply love Pandora.

  • thestacymonster

    Dear Sonya
    I love your idea of interviewing “beautiful people”, the world should know the open-hearted people like Mimi!!! It’s so inspiring how she spent her Bday giving to everyone but herself. Hope that one day I’ll be able to do smth great like this) Anyways, I’m looking forward for a new ” beautiful people” story, wish u luck in London

    luv ^___^


  • Rena

    This is really a platform of inspiration! Both of you inspire me so much by sharing positive mood, success, confidence, and smart ideas. I completely agree with the last section about self management. Last year, when I was overwhelmed with classes at college, job, internships and extracurricular activities every single day, I was thinking about how awesome it would be to have much free time to spend downtown. However, on a winter break when there was nothing keeping me busy, I realized how boring it is to have fun fun every day. We absolutely need to have a routine, so we can appreciate and enjoy free time in contrast. Can’t wait till the next interview!

    It was kinda funny to see Mimi in the first interview cuz I don’t spend time on watching Youtube bloggers, the only two bloggers I follow are Sonya and Mimi :)

  • lisa_twig

    Sonya, “The beautiful people” is an amazing section of your blog! I’m lovin’ it <3 It is really interesting to read about interesting and successful people like Mimi ! Thank u for inspiration!

  • Jgbfrench

    I can’t wait to read the new interviews that will follow ! Very inspiring, thank you !

  • Fabienne

    Thank you for adding this section to your blog, mimi is charming and I’ll try to follow her advices . I’m a Taurus and a real fan of pandora so let’s try to win this great gift !

  • Kateryna Mikulich

    Sonya, Thanks for all that you do for us!!! Every videos, blogposts, pics made my day! You and your blog push me to create and really live my beautiful life! Big hugs! XO

  • Loreta

    The slogan of Pandora is “Your Story Designed by You”. I believe that both of you, Sonia and
    Mimi, you are the embodiment of how two young women can design/create their own
    successful stories and share your charms of life, hard work and
    success with us. At the same time, you empower us, other young women, to fight for our
    own beautiful life charms. Thank you for that! <3

  • Nelly

    Sonya, nice idea! And her pictures are marvelous!!!

  • Maureen Andrychowski

    A blog with more of an intimate uplifting appeal. Very nice.

  • Manny

    Followed the pandora page on instagram and got my friends on it too!!
    As a pandora addict and leo I’d love to win the giveaway!

  • Lizzie N

    Hey,loved your article!
    Smile if you read it and have a great day❤️

  • Екатерина Куркова

    Sonya, thank you for being such an inspiration to all of us!
    I think it’s a very cool idea to write about people who are beautiful both inside and out. And your blogpost really shows it.
    I didn’t know Mimi before this interview but she seems to be a very nice and wise person. Especially i like her words about business: “ long as it’s fun and creative we’re gonna have fun and it’s all that matters”. In my opinion, this kind of an “easy” attitude helps to cope with obstacles. At the end of the day receiving hapiness and enjoyment from what you do is the most important thing.
    Can’t wait to read next “beautiful people” post!

  • Masha Wood

    Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

    This article is a great example for those people who are looking for one’s place in the world.In our world, so many opportunities and so much laziness.We need to be purposeful and follow the example of Mimi.

    thanks for the article and the chance to participate in the competition.

  • IFHY

    love this article)))

  • Maddie Swab

    This article rocks! I love the new feature you’re doing here! :)

  • Kate Maliy

    Hi, Sonya! My name is Kate, I recently discovered your blog, and now I absolutely exited of it. And most of all I like your fashion posts with photos. Your photos are adorable. They inspires me almost every day, so thank you for this. Oh, and thank you for discovering “PANDORA” brand, it is cool. Good luck for you and make your subscribers happy☺️

  • Kate Maliy

    Hi, Sonya! My name is Kate, I recently discovered your blog, and now I absolutely exited of it. And most of all I like your fashion posts with photos. Your photos are adorable. They inspires me almost every day, so thank you for this. Oh, and thank you for discovering “PANDORA” brand, it is cool. Good luck for you and make your subscribers happy☺️

  • Nina Sensarnie

    I feel in love with this story and the store, after visiting the store in Arden fair mall #1340, I had to make a post a comment for they have giving me a new joy in life I have forgotten, I have four children who I do for all day and not my self, how beautiful Mimi is and her idea as well to give on her day was perfectly done in the brightest way’s . my visit was also beautiful and cant wait to return to Pandora in Arden fair mall Sacramento CA
    thanks the warmth in heart again….

  • Nina Sensarnie

    thank u

  • XeniaB

    It’s so stunning to realize how many things a person can do!So inspiring!And it’s so fascinating to read “Beautiful paople”. Now waiting for the next post. Lone you)

  • KseniaM

    Thanks for an amazing article. Mimi is such an inspiring person. I hope you’ll continue to introduce us to more and more great people :)

  • Wendy Lozano

    Dear Sonya!
    I just discovered your blog and can I say it’s one of my favorites already! You and Mimi are such and inspiration and both beautiful people inside and out, I think this new segment is a a great idea and I’ll definitely will be looking forward for some more of beautiful people!
    Keep doing what you’re doing,

  • Elisa

    Thank you very much for sharing this article with us. My sweetheart son Eddy of 7 y.o. is a little Leo! Me, Elisa, I’m Gemini. Have a nice Sunday!

  • Kerrie

    Interesting interview! I’m glad I saw the link & I’ll have to check out the rest of your blog. I’m admittedly not that knowledgeable about astrology; I prefer stargazing & the science of astronomy. I’m a Taurus, and all I know is that we’re supposed to be stubborn. Which I suppose is true for both good & bad

  • Adriana Teodora

    Hei! Nice article! Have a good day and many articles like this one!

  • Jgbfrench

    Mimi really seems like a confident and sweet person and so do you ! It is probably one of my favorite article, an open hearted blog is not so common so thank you for sharing all those advices and doubts too !

  • Iryna Boroshovych

    THANK YoU for all you inspirations Sonya!! You are making my life better.

  • justine

    Really inspiring article and incredible kindness ! Mimi really cares about other people but also know how to succeed, she should be an exemple for all of us. Thank you for the opportunity to discover this kind of beautiful people (as beautiful on the inside and outside), well chosen title. I’m a taurus and i also recognize myself in some of the asrology element ;)

  • Alisa Safiullina

    Sonya, I liked the article you wrote. It was very interesting to read your thoughts and words about other blogger! Now I know another cool blogger like you – Mimi. I get inspiration from your posts and I wish you could write it more often haha! And I’d like to discover Pandora’s brand
    Luv u :) -Alisa

  • Evelina

    Absolutely beautifully written and structured interview! Touches some very inspirational subjects. I enjoyed this very much and will bring this with me in the back of my head. Look forward to reading more of these “Beautiful People” interviews, seems like a great new section of your blog. X

  • chang

    Dear Sonya, Thank you for letting us discover this kind of beautiful people ! I can’t wait to read more. I hope many articles of this kind will follow. And thank you for the opportunity to win the Pandora bracelet ;)

  • Daria Ivanova

    Интернет отнимает у нас очень много времени, но вместе с тем позволяет прикоснуться к прекрасному, почувствовать его на кончиках пальцев. Спасибо Sonya за этот пост! Спасибо Pandora за знакомство с ней! Если честно, я впервые на этом сайте, но он реально меня вдохновил! Я остаюсь;))

  • Mary

    Thank you for the interesting conversation. I hope you will continue the series of beauty-interviews. You take beautiful pictures)

  • SJ❤

    Amazing post, I do love those shoes and of course pandora Essence Collection x I very much look forward to reading more x I’m also a Leo :-)

  • Aizhan Akh

    Hi, Sonya!
    Thanks for this truly inspiring article! Mimi is such a nice person, who is full of bright ideas and really helpful pieces of advice. I used to regard her only as a video blogger, however, now, thanks to your blog, I am extremely glad to discover what a kind-hearted, confident, wise and loving lady she is! You have chosen incredibly suitable title for your section since people like Mimi are entirely beautiful – they have beautiful thoughts and beautiful minds! It was a genuine pleasure to read the interview, and I hope you’ll post more articles in the section. Thank you again:)

  • Fabienne

    Hi Sonya, this is a very inspiring article not only thanks to Mimi but i think you did choose the perfect questions too and it’s not so easy I guess. I hope to read more of it soon ! I’m a taurus and I love the Pandora collection. Thank you for letting discover new talents like Mimi !

  • chang

    I recently discovered your blog and really enjoy it. Interesting article and true kindness that we can feel while reading those lines. I also appreciate your photo selection. Hope you will continue for years ;)

  • Amy

    love this post so much! I really enjoyed reading it :)

  • Jgbfrench

    I love this article and Mimi’s style, the reading selection is also inspiring.
    I love this first post about beautiful people and your London trip articles. Can’t wait to read more of it I’m actually re-reading most of your articles , can’t get enough of it ^^

  • justine

    Great way to talk about self confidence, we all have our own personality but I do believe our sign is meaningful, I’m a Taurus and think it’s somehow influenced my life… Great article ! Would love to win the Pandora bracelet of course !

  • Liza

    Hi Sonya

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  • Sheryl Chen

    I loved this piece! Mimi is one of my biggest inspirations, and you really illustrated how good of a person she really is! <3

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