Goodbye, London.

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Romper: Cameo (via fashion bunker) / Heels: ASOS / Bag: Chanel (shop vintage here)/ Watch: Daniel Wellington

*Tear drop* Last post from London, folks.
The last month working and blogging from London has been so honestly and purely imperfect- that I’m absolutely sure it couldn’t have been more perfect. Stay with me, I’ll explain.
To be honest, how much use would I make out of a successful trip whereby I arrive and leave from the same hotel, go right below my monthly budget, book jobs every day and leave every casting with a smile on my face. What on earth would I learn from that? I changed apartments/hotels a total of four times, booked three jobs out of like fifteen castings, spent way too damn much money, left some castings thinking “wtf did I just do?” or “well that was a waste of my time”, and had so many packages sent to me in London that I had to send three packages full of clothes and shoes back home to Toronto, resulting in $250 spent on shipping. Yea. I messed up.
But now I know. And I’m grateful to have learned through mistakes and failures, because some people will never know the things I do because they are too afraid to fail. The more failures, the more wisdom.

I got a new tattoo in London, booked one of my dream jobs, met some amazing people, forced myself out of my comfort zone, and learned that independence doesn’t and shouldn’t equate to a guarded or cautious relationships with others. I just had a realization that a month ago at NYFW, I met with bloggers that were doing these brand collaborations that left me in awe and inspired me to pursue my passions even further. Now, if somebody offered me the same collaboration I would laugh because I realize now how much brands take advantage of bloggers and social influencers, which is why I strive to collaborate/model for less brands, but better brands. I had this realization in London on one of my jobs, where I was purely a clothing hanger. Nobody cared that I had a voice, that I could offer more than my measurements and capability of standing still. I realized I didn’t just want to be a model, I didn’t want to work for brands, I wanted to collaborate with them. I’ve been lucky enough to do this with M for Mendocino for their fall lookbook, and Boohoo for an upcoming feature I can’t wait to share.

I’m in Kaliningrad right now with my family, enjoying time in the city I practically grew up in for a few days before I drive to Moscow for a shoot with Elle Girl magazine & a fun google+ hangout with my followers in the city. Then it’s NYFW. But then this post will be irrelevant because I’ll be back to London for FW. x