Floral expenses.

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Photos by Yaroslava Kirichok
Plaid dress: Finders Keepers / Heels: ASOS / Bag: Chanel WOC / Necklace: Samantha Wills + Jennifer Zuener / Earrings: ASOS

London pubs- they seemingly have no budget when it comes to flowers. It’s so endlessly inspiring to be in a city that encourages citizens to express themselves through colour and art- not being intimidated by the strong and ye-old culture that is already established and set in stone. It’s beautiful to see how London can go from castles and hundred year old pubs to shoreditch food trucks and teenagers in platforms and river island high waisted shorts.
I wore my new Finders Keepers (Aussie brand. I love Aussies. Aussie over everything.) dress for a morning meeting at the Net-A-Porter headquarters- which did not disappoint. It’s located in a shopping mall, but when you walk into the check in desk, there is an escalator that takes you up to their actual (huge) office. What I’m trying to say is: their office is a shopping mall. A huge, minimalistic, shiny shopping mall with lots of smart and fashionable people.  It was amazing to be able to sit in front of the entrance for half an hour and watch insanely trendy and beautiful people go in for work. Where else do you see a 9-5 worker wear culottes and birkenstocks and not be fired?
Oh, fashion. How I love thee.