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Dress: Lazy Oaf / Boots: ASOS / Hat: Topshop / Bag: Givenchy “pandora” / Watch: Daniel Wellington / Bracelets: Samantha Wills

This past week in London has been filled with sunshine, the stuffy tube, a desperate need of hydration every hour,  and loads of castings and meetings. I can’t help but feel so incredibly grateful every second that I’m here. This is what life is supposed to feel like. I would often get into a slump of “I want to do so much, but there’s nothing to do here” in Toronto. If you’re feeling the same way- let me assure you, it’s likely not you, it’s that you need to change something.
If I were in Toronto right now, I guarantee I would be doing nothing with my life. Getting yourself out there and surrounding yourself with the right opportunities and people is so infinitely valuable, especially in a city that forces you to breathe creativity, culture, and style.

On this wednesday I started the day off at the Google offices and visited the YouTube studios, and honestly just drooled about how dreamy their offices are. If you’ve never heard of how Google treats their employees, you have got to google it ; ) It takes ergonomics to a whole other level. I despise the 9-5 lifestyle, but if someone offered me a position at Google I think I’d seriously consider it. Later I  had a few castings around the city, one of which turned into an impromptu (amazing) shoot with photographer Giorgio Murru, and then I had a dinner at Mari Vanna, which is a higher-end Russian experience restaurant right beside Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge. From the moment you walk in, you’re greeted by Russian girls in historic dresses, slavic decorations down to the fine details. If you’re never had Russian food, I highly highly recommend you check out one of their restaurants around the world. Very few people are familiar with Eastern European cuisine (besides vodka and caviar), but I think it certainly deserves more attention and love.
Loving you, London.