Just chill.

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Introducing… one of the coolest collaborations I’ve done- ever!
GARAGE is a brand that needs no introduction if you live in Canada, but if you’re not from Oh-Canada, then let me just start off with the fact that GARAGE was my j-a-m when I was in middle and high school. Every shopping centre in Ontario pretty much has a GARAGE store, and my friends and I would spend hours in their changing rooms trying on clothes. It’s pretty much home.
Do you have any idea how weird/amazing/exhilarating/unreal it felt to walk through the eaton centre (most popular mall in Toronto) and see my photos and name on the storefront display of the very same store I spent my entire adolescence? I couldn’t help but smile like a crazy person and just stand there in the middle of the mall, in awe and confusion at how this has come to be whilst people walked around me, confused at why I was taking selfies with a store display.

I knew it was coming, this collaboration has been in the works for months, but it never feels real until I can see it for myself. My beautiful and talented friend Nina Gudz shot these photos of me last month in London around East London and the riverside on a chilly but surprisingly sunny day. There’s nothing better than feeling comfortable in your style and clothing, and these photos I hope provoke those exact feelings of “chill”.

I’m holding a bts photo challenge contest with GARAGE, whereby if you upload a photo to instagram or twitter of your most laid-back, chill outfit with the #GARAGExCHILL you can win lots of fun prizes (full details here). I know you wear sweat pants, don’t even lie to me. If you live in any city with a GARAGE store, drop by your local mall and check out my printed face, it’s not something you see every day. It’ll make me mama happy.