Blossom in the fall, decay in the winter.

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Photo 2014-12-14, 4 52 16 PM
Coat: Unif x Urban Outfitters / Jeans: Aritzia / Top: Adidas / Boots: Ariat / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Isn’t it so? Everything blossoms in the fall time, and erodes as the months pass by.  I am always in awe at how nature seemingly purposefully makes the world incredibly beautiful (red leaves, sunshine, cool wind) before thrashing it totally. The peak of beauty comes right before the ultimate low.

I rediscovered a word today, “irrevocable”, and it hit home with me. A lot of what has happened, or is happening, is irrevocable. I love words and literature so much because it makes us feel like we belong, and our feelings and longings are universal. I could literally spend days on tumblr reading journal entries and getting breathless from how similar we all are.
I went on a trip with Nike to Western Canada this week and wore leggings and thermal sweaters all week long, so when I got back home I couldn’t wait to wear my ripped jeans and combat boots again. I got my new (crazy comfortable) Ariat boots in the mail this week, and am stoked on life to start wearing them in and making them look more worn. I used to never, ever like wearing “all black”. Yet now, black is all I want to wear. It’s so cool to witness your own taste change.