Alas, I can share with you all my shoot I did with Nicole Miller back in November in Florida. At the time I was on vacation with my family on a little African Island, and when I found out about the shoot I got beyond excited because these are the kinds of life experiences I live and hope for. For the longest time I spent my days refreshing my inbox for updates, in denial that I was about to travel to Florida for 72 hours with three layovers to shoot with one of my favourite designers. It happened, I took the next plane, I freaked out internally the whole time, dancing in the airplane bathroom to let it out all out. I stayed at Bud’s (the CEO of NM) house, and had the most adventurous, unforgettable couple of days. We got around most of the island in a golf cart and a boat, which actually ended up in quite a dramatic story because it started raining after we shot the boat scene, and we could barely get through some of the bridges because of the flooding. We visited the Old Placida Fishing Village, which was like a village begging and pleading for a photoshoot. Seriously, the world is beautiful, and I think I’m still 3 years old at heart because I am so in awe at everything. The last shot we did was of me jumping off a dock into freezing cold water, which brings me to my statement in the video of how much I love doing “stupid” things. I remember when I was 8 years old, I told my parents “mom, dad, I’m sorry, I live for fun”, which they still lovingly mock me for everyday. Something about collecting stupid, borderline dangerous stories is incredibly intriguing. (Note: I only do stupid things with intelligent people- I won’t go that far). Like they say, stupid decisions make good stories.

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Videography by J. Ryan Ulsh