Mayday, mayday.

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Summer must haves:
Moroccan Oil Dry Body Oil
Instead of using a body cream, I rub Moroccan Oil over my body after I get out of the shower in the summer. For one reason really, I smell like musky, incomparable Moroccan Oil all day long. Plus it gives your legs a shine that no cream can promise. It’s a dream, really.

Loreal Casting Sunkiss Healthy Look Gel
A lot of people have been asking me lately if I’ve coloured my hair or bleached it- no sir. I’ve been using this gel from Loreal for about a year now, and always reach for it in the summer when I want sun-kissed blonde hair. It turned my naturally ashy dark blonde/light brown hair to a golden blonde in a week with daily use. Not to mention it’s like 10 dollars at the drugstore.. hair salon, who? 

EOS Shave Cream
Seriously obsessed with this stuff right here. I’m incredibly OCD when it comes to shaving, and the EOS shave cream not only smells like paradise in a bottle, but has changed my shaving game forever. No more pesky cuts and dry skin, like I used to get all the time from those refillable shavers. Can’t go a single spring or summer without this stuff. (Also, side note, I adore the EOS lip balms that look like little eggs too. Looks are not deceiving people, this stuff is cute and functional.) 

Juicy Couture Peace, Love, Juicy
The smell of my spring. Always. Favourite perfume forever. 

Lavender Oil
I’ve been using lavender oil lately to help me fall asleep. A few drops on my pillow and I’m usually out in five minutes, and if not, at least my room smells like a spa..

Fendi Sunglasses
I bought these sunglasses this spring in Moscow, and despite how flamboyant they are, they go with everything I’ve been wearing lately. Which is all black. So I guess that makes sense.

LUV AJ Chocker | Shashi Layering Necklaces
Can’t get enough of my everyday dainty layering necklaces. My philosophy with jewelry is: if I have to take it off to shower, to wash my hands, or sleep, I’m not buying it. I don’t care enough to take off my necklaces and rings and then put them back on every morning. Uh-uh. If it’s high quality and comfortable, I’m all over it.

  • Natalia Bykova

    Привет, Соня! По твоей рекомендации попробовала Loreal Casting Sunkiss Healthy Look Gel И это просто ВАУ! Волосы супер красивые! И не сухие, как от обычнойосветляющей краски. Спасибо)

  • Lilia Kazakova

    Love your Summer essentials! I did a recent post on my Summer musthaves on my blog too, containing setting spray & the best spray tan ever. Not kidding you. xo

  • Neeltje | Thoughts in Style

    I really like the layered necklaces!

  • Alina Ermilova

    Я в любви с этими очками от Fendi, они идеальны! <3


  • elza

    i need to try that EOS shaving cream, sounds amazing ! great post x

    CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

  • Sofie

    Your pictures are always so amazing!! I love this post, really want try the loreal gel, always wanted my hair to be lighter but I am afraid it will look fake, this will be a great solution I think :) Sofie xx

  • Liza

    I like Loreal Paris stuff, I will definitely try шею I am already in love :)
    Welcome to my BLOG:

  • Erin and Katherine

    Love the eos shave cream! I have the vanilla one and it’s sooo nice.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  • Adella

    what is the brand of the fuschia cami you were wearing in the mask photos? I love that color and camis in general!!

  • ashley
  • so

    very interesting text.Let’s check mine on

  • Agnete

    How lovely!
    I really (!) lvoe Your blog, Tumblr, Youtube, insta – aka Your social medias (?)
    But can you please make more ENGLISH speaking videos? Maybe a haul? I really like Your style. Its everything i would love to have
    My insta and tumblr is agnetebs, if you would like to know, heh

  • Patricia

    Seems good! 😉

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  • bbrendato

    I LOVE layering necklaces too, though with my budget, it’s hard to find affordable, good quality ones

  • Anna

    thanks for sharing!! love your style :)

  • Anne

    Fendi sunglasses are really awesome

  • Katerina Ivanova

    такая милая Соня (:

  • Agnete

    can you Write about Things you want from Asos? :) Thaank yoouu
    Love Your blog btw! it sooo good

    – Agnete from Norway

  • Jessica Li

    so prettyy!

    check out my blog + follow too? xx


  • Svetlana Ti

    Соня, столько радости за тебя! You’ve found your happy place, наслаждайся каждой секундой!
    September Rules

  • Emmajane

    I’ve been using that hair jelly too, works wonders! X

    New blog design and next post of the holiday series over at-

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