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Nutrition is probably my longest-lasting hobby in life. I swore to myself for years that I would at some point in my life study health sciences, because it blew my mind how much our nutritional intake could trigger or reverse our susceptibility for disease and illness, especially ones as terrifying as cancer. I got into vegetarianism, starting reading research studies, novels and articles about nutrition and health from about the age of 12. I became a vegetarian at 13, but of course my mom didn’t approve and prepared me a steak shortly after. After reading The China Study, 80/10/10 and Skinny Bitch at the age of 16, I became a vegan, at which point my mom couldn’t really do anything because I already graduated high school, was supporting myself financially and doing regular blood work to prove to her (and to assure myself) that I wasn’t damaging my health with my “restrictive” diet. This went on for about two years. I felt amazing, literally got high off of mangoes, but my life revolved around food. I was a burden to my friends and family when travelling, and I still had the knowledge in the back of my mind that something…wasn’t quite right. I felt it. I knew it.

I’ll cut the story short, but last year around September I decided that there was nothing more important than my health. There was nothing and no one that could make me feel like I was inadequate. The pressure of being surrounded by modelling agents, measuring tapes,fittings for size 0 clothing, and other taller, prettier, thinner models is esentially torment to a teenage girl’s mind. But nobody can make you feel any way without your consent. I’m not sure if this is the best place to get detailed, but I had a few health problems, which after relaxing and just leading an overall healthy lifestyle with occasional fish and dairy, all of them went away. I stopped sitting on google images searching “crepes” and “condensed milk” and drooling over them in twisted envy, and finally just ate a crepe with condensed milk… and went on with my life. So simple. I will never deny that a vegetarian lifestyle is the most environmentally beneficial diet out there, but there is nothing more important than listening to your body. If you’re craving salmon, try to find wild caught, organic salmon, and enjoy your life. The meaning of life is not food, I assure you. Fall in love, travel the world, chase your dreams; you’ll see that there’s much, much more out there than your 200 calorie skinny iced latte, with no whip, of course.

The goal is to be in harmony with your body. Majority of what I eat now is still vegan, but I love feta cheese, so I put a bit on top of my avocado toast in the morning. I also love smoked salmon with my salads. But the core of my diet is wholesome foods, raw if possible, and most importantly, intuitive.

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What you put on your body is just as important as what you put inside of it- I learned this the hard way struggling with acne and eczema for years. My summer staple is the EOS shave cream, which has been helping me achieve the smoothest legs, and smoothest shaves of my life. I have to shave my legs everyday, so I’ve learned to use product that is simple and extremely moisturizing. Their little lip balms are also floating around in the bottom of all my bags. Basically, I never forget to moisturize in the summer, the dry heat in LA makes my hair and skin cry for anything that will replenish the moisture, but not irritate. Once I found this little sucker, I never went back. When you find your diamond-in-the-rough product, don’t switch it out for a ruby. Keep that diamond product. Photo Jul 29, 3 56 22 AM

I’m weird with working out. I will never go to the gym unless I have absolutely n-o-t-h-i-n-g else to do with my life. I don’t like the atmosphere of gyms, and I don’t believe we have to pay a fee to be fit. Hello- the world is at our disposal (disclaimer- I understand not everybody lives in a city that allows you to work out outside all year round, ignore me then, do you babe). I love hiking up the different canyons in LA, biking for hours, walking instead of taking the car; basically anything that doesn’t feel like working out, I’m all for it. I mean, I walk 25km a day when I’m in New York City, because I don’t want to take the train or cab. Crazy sure, but it’s fun and you don’t even realize how fit you’re getting.

I’m not about forcing anything. Hike because it’s fun. Eat well because you’ll look amazing and feel amazing. It’s about doing this for you, doing whatever makes you feel like the best version of you, that you can be.