In The Hamptons.

Photo Jul 18, 7 47 30 PMPhoto Jul 18, 8 03 28 PMSpendin’ all my days on the East Side, oh…

Who’s first time was it in the Hamptons? This girl’s.
You hear so much about the celebrity parties and madness in the Hamptons in the summer, and let me just set one thing straight first and foremost, you see only that, which you chose to see. Some people see clubs and never-ending nightlife in Miami, I see stunning crystal-clear beaches and untouched nature. You get where I’m going ; )

From my personal experience and interpretations, the Hamptons are a quiet getaway for Manhattan inhabitants. It was nothing I wasn’t used to seeing, growing up in Southern Ontario. A lake, amazing seafood, a good deal of old people, and boundless tanning and swimming opportunities.

REVOLVE hosted the most extraordinary weekend this past July, where I got to spend time with my friend Imani (therawsomevegan) and Aimee Song. Seriously, thank you REVOLVE! Everything from the pool, to the amazing meals and other bloggers on the trip were a total dream. Every detail was noticed and endlessly appreciated! I documented the whole weekend on my instagram, but let me lay it all down for you guys here with links to everything I wore.

Photo Jul 18, 6 05 43 PMPhoto Jul 18, 5 53 23 PM


Photo Jul 18, 6 05 06 PM Photo Jul 18, 6 11 21 PM
Photo Jul 18, 7 52 15 PMDay two was spent working on a tan, laying out by the REVOLVE pool and trying to balance on their pool floaties. Imani and I changed into our evening outfits (mine was this killer cactus For Love & Lemons dress) and joined everyone for tacos outside. What do I have to do to live like this everyday?! Photo Jul 18, 8 00 57 PM

After our last brunch with all the bloggers, we jumped in a car and drove back to the city, where I spend two days before making my final move to LA.


  • saragrilo

    I’ve had the opportunity to spend some summers in the Hampton’s and I loved it! It was definitely a way to relax not really to party too! :)

    VIE Diaries, lifestyle blog

    follow me on bloglovin’ let me know & I will follow back! :)

  • Eliza Armand

    I’m madly in love with Hamptons, too! And your photos are so inspiring! Love the atmosphere.

    Cheers, Eliza |

  • Victoria

    I spent a summer in East Hampton’s and loved it :)
    Lovely outfits by the way!

  • Allanah Dykes

    Loved the picture style post! I live on Long Island so I’m no stranger to the beautiful water and seafood. Glad you could experience the Hamptons

  • Alina Ermilova

    Sounds like an amazing experience! Love your collages! <3


  • MissKey

    Absolutely amazing post, you are so authentic about what you think and how you live. The new style of your blog is so cool, I like the collage with all these photos, it’s a very original way to see a lot of photos and feelings with an increíble inspiration. The first day outfit, the one with the blonda white top, these denim shorts and the beautiful Chanel bag, is my favorite.

  • Natalia

    Oh boy, such inspiring pictures <3

  • Kayleigh Walsh

    Hi Sonya!!
    This blog post is amazing <33 Looks like you had an incredible time in the Hamptons and I can't wait to see where your journey takes you next! I especially love every picture from Day 2! The Revolve pool looks awesome and I love that For Love & Lemons Dress!

    I have to say, you have been my biggest inspiration ever since I discovered your YouTube videos. This summer I did a writing internship at the Mark Twain House and for my final piece, I decided to write a letter to my idol (a.k.a. you ;)) I got to record the piece at WNPR studios and learn some cool editing techniques. The Executive Producer at WNPR studios even said she liked helping me work on it so much that I can be her intern! I can't tell you how much it would mean to me if you listened to it <333 I know you're very busy but I think you would enjoy hearing it.

    Here is the link if you ever get a chance:

    Btw, I'm so sorry that I pronounced your name wrong at the end!! I know it's pronounced Sawn-ya but where I live, everyone says Sohn-ya. I'm secretly beating myself up for that, haha.

    Love you!! Have a great day <3

  • Sandra Palomares

    Love this post, and the looks for the 1st day are AWESOME.

  • Emma Burton

    Glammmm, looks like a real good time

  • Dasha

    It’s so good to see you’re having the time of your life! Really inspiring posts, pictures are as always amazing! So glad you post more ofter again, love you!! But please don’t forget about your russian channel!

  • Kacie Cone

    Looks like fun, that for Love and Lemons dress from day one is too amazing for words!

  • Alex & Danny

    Love this! You look like you’re having a blast.
    The Twinne Twins

  • Nastasi

    That white top from the first day is everything

  • Stefan Buzas

    These are really good :D
    Stefan Buzas

  • Cristea Ioana

    Those edits though <3

    Check out my blog! ^^

    Free coffeee

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