I’m bringing classic back.

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Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate the first day of Autumn with me and UGGs at the Grove yesterday! Those little black bad boys you see above, yea, I customized them. When I came into the store they told me that I could customize my own UGGs, so I obviously gravitated towards the edgiest design of them all. Seriously- how cool did they turn out? You know me and my black boots…

It’s always an indescribable feeling when I get to meet you all in person. I share so much of my life on the internet that when we finally come face-to-face, there’s never any need for small talk. You know about me, I know you probably have something in common with me, since you follow my blog. It’s like catching up with an old best friend. Thank you thank you thank you. Hopefully the more time I spend in LA, the more events I’ll be hosting! x

(Photos by Kristina Radiy)