Below seventy.

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Hat: BCBGeneration |Dress: BCBGeneration | Jacket: Pixie Market | Boots: Modern Vice | Oversized wrap: BCBGeneration
Dress: STONE_COLD_FOX | Jacket: Madison Harding | Black fur stole: BCBGeneration | Color-blocked hat: BCBGeneration

When the weather drops below seventy, the real fun begins.
I’m all about layering and accessorizing with scarves and hats. Accessories are to winter what jewelry is to summer – undeniably quintessential.
The number one trend I saw on the rise for the colder months is faux fur scarves that can be added to any jacket you already own, or worn on their own for a night out with a delicate dress. I now own this BCBGeneration faux fur stole in both black and white, because I’m seriously that addicted. In a later post, I’ll show you guys how I style colored stoles – which can take a black winter uniform to exciting and chic literally all by accessorizing with a scarf. In the first outfit, I accessorized the wine-colored swishy dress with an oversized wrap and this fun color-blocked hat, which may sound totally incohesive, but style doesn’t follow any rules! You know me, I like taking the feminine and mixing it with a vintage men’s jacket or combat boots. Essentially, if it fits the colour palette and the textures work well together, don’t be afraid to mix an overtly glamorous winter scarf or hat with a rather grungy or masculine outfit. That’s how you create your own personal style. If you ask me, unconventional is the new cool.

Back when I lived in Canada, I relied on fashion to save me from “seasonal depression”. It’s so easy to feel bored when you wear the same winter jacket every day, but adding an exciting, interchangeable scarf everyday can quite literally make you feel fresh and alive in the colder months. Obviously it’s not realistic for everybody to wear a new coat every day, but stocking up on wool hats and scarves is definitely not any less valuable. Let me know what you guys are planning on accessories with for the colder months. (ps can you believe it’s almost the new year? How did that happen?!)

Photos by Mary Leest