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Paradise over the months.

What a strange time to be alive. A thought I wanted to share that has been crippling me, to say the least:

It’s a nightmare to wake with the awareness that we live in such a superficial world. A world that measures beauty by facial symmetry, intelligence by wealth, and then dares to snark “those who live in poverty deserve it”. People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used.The reason the world is in chaos, is because things are being loved and people are being used. Anything you can lose is not yours. The numbers in your bank account, your new handbag, your boyfriend, your million dollar house- all of those things are not yours. You are a soul; that’s all you ever were, and that is what you will continue to be for infinity.

I feel guilty because  I (my ego) try to shade my awareness that I’m not living a balanced life. I want to be a light in this world. I don’t want to be a supermodel. I want to be a superhuman. A super genius. I want to impact the world in ways that make the next generation more enlightened and aware of how to live cohesively with nature. But first, I want to learn to live this way myself.

  • vonny

    beautiful picturesss. I miss your vlog, Sonya :D

  • Natali

    Perfectly said Sonya… This is something that’s been on my mind too for a long time and I just can’t understand how did we as humans get to this point where we think that the things that we do or do not posses and people that we’re surrounded with are what makes us – us or makes us more worthy than others… Thanks for the inspo, you’re such a nice breath of fresh air in this blogging world.

  • Lilia Kazakova

    Your words always touch the deepest part of my soul (or philosophical brains lol). Although you don’t feel like you’re in total balance now at the moment, for me you always symbolize somebody that thrives to achieve this. I recommend you to read some things about Buddhism (and the Tao) and maybe try out Tai Chi if you have the chance. Love <3

  • Selene

    No matter what you do, you’ll always inspire me even if you don’t want to.
    You remind me to try find my inner peace and many other things that I forget when life gets in the way.
    Thanks for your post! [insert salsa emoji here]

  • Michaela Scalisi

    Very critical but thoughtsful post! Do whatever you think is best for you :)

  • Juliet inSPIRITations

    Go for it, Sonya! Your mind is the most powerful tool and it’s unlimited. As long as you want to grow and expand your awerness you will be the best version of yourself.

    With love,

  • Valeria

    Sonia Hello! Sorry if my words are sloppy I have to take help from a translator haha. Is it possible to know what these pictures were taken? What camera and film? Because these photos are wonderful and sometimes you want to take photos on film, they get very lively and colorful.

  • Sofie

    Wow great post, you write so beautiful and your pictures are always amazing. You’re a true inspiration xx

  • Ирина Петрова

    Sonya , how beautiful your thoughts ! Do not stop , honey. Perhaps you’ll be able to fix the situation now . And everything will change . People will become more aware , present and loving, they know the world is not the mind. You’re talking about the next generation . To achieve that would be held back in school lessons on the practice of observing ego , etc. a great idea , do not you think ? ( :

  • courtney

    This may be a total juxtaposition from your article (which i did really like) but what do you use to edit your photos? they’re always so cool! x

  • Yana Yanurova
  • Julsru

    Oh how much I love this <3 Thank you for ever inspiring me and putting things in a different perspective! Love to constantly change my point of view :)

  • Rakel
  • Blue Sama

    Ugh makes me miss sunshine

  • Zhanna Gorova

    Your words reminded the book The Mastery of Love! I am almost sure you read it, but if you didn’t than its a must!))))

  • Anaelle Claudet

    Sonya, how do you make this collage? love it

  • Natalia

    your collages inspire me every time

  • thatdariakid

    You fucking inspire me every day!