Tis’ the season for rebellion.

Romper: Finders Keepers | Denim Vest: Vintage (Rokit Vintage) | Boots: Madison Harding | Backpack: Liebeskind

Photos: Imani Frances

So here we are, first post of 2016, if you want to be organized about it. If you didn’t know this about me, I absolutely hate holidays. I feel like 99% of holidays are a marketing device to keep the economy going, people buying unnecessary shit for themselves and others, and worst of all, set me up for an unrealistic expectation of how the holiday should be spent, thanks to Hollywood movies and instagram photos of social media influencers.
In my eyes, every day is a holiday. I can celebrate my accomplishments over the past 365 days, and create goals on April 6, if I really feel like it.Also, I’ll buy my loved ones a present in August, because that’s when I feel like it.¬†Why on earth does a calendar date have control over our actions and emotions? Only dead fish follow the stream.