Aloha Hawaii.

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Top: C/meo Collective / Jeans: Vintage Levi’s (Reformation) / Earrings: Adornmonde / Heels: Christian Louboutin So Kate Patent / Bag: Christian Louboutin Triloubi

What’s even more magical than the turquoise waters, velvet sand, and dark rainclouds that so instinctually gather over the highest peaks of the mountains? The vibrations of the land; the energy. Hawaii was a place I’ll never forget. It inspired me to live a life that is colourful, young and forgiving, adventurous; a life that knows no schedule and no such thing as the 24 hour clock. I’ll never forget waking up in Kauai, skateboarding over to a magical little beach named “Queens Bath”, hiking through a muddy rainforest in my silk dress to get there, and jumping off the cliff into the ocean. Those moments when you feel infinitely alive, are the moments that make life worth living. When Christian Louboutin released a collection named “Hawaii Kawaii” at Bergdorf Goodman, it could not have made me smile any brighter. Fashion that plays a tropical dance filled with wanderlust is one that I flow congruently with.

Shop Christian Louboutin “Hawaii Kawaii” collection on Bergdorf Goodman.