Gone with the wind.

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Calvin Klein class watch and jewellery

Who would have thought that a change in season, a sudden desire to explore, and a hunger for peace would bring me to my favourite secret little paradise in Southern California? I was driving on a winding mountain road, in absolute awe of the beauty in geography, when I decided to pull over to a place namely, “Malibu Creek State Park”. Imagine: rolling hills, mountains in the background, absolute silence, a creek you have to cross barefoot, wild flowers, and absolutely zero civilization. Modern society and it’s social structures begin to feel like something that was back then, and most importantly, in moments surrounded by such a perfect natural environment, you begin to value genuine things in life. They say, “anything you can lose is not really yours”. If we can lose money, it’s never really ours. If we can lose our job, it’s really not ours. We can’t lose ourselves, we can’t suddenly lose the beautiful world we live in. I think it’s important to spend time alone in nature, to let your mind and feet wander, to be a kid again.
Proceeding the day I discovered this place, I drove out here every day. That means 2 hours in LA traffic every day… but it was worth it.

Photography: Kristina Radiy