What is the meaning of life?

  • http://alinaermilova.com/ Alina Ermilova

    OMG, this video is everything! <3

  • Anastasia Kisloschenko

    hi sonya:) great true words. you are right, probably we will never win this game, but we can try and enjoy the life

  • https://sealoffashionsofie.wordpress.com Sofie

    Such an amazing, inspiring video!!

  • Haylie Maria

    absolutely in love with this video. You’re such a talent and inspiration

  • Strawbrry

    i liked that kind of view, thank you xx

  • Amber Tan

    Thank you for the vid


  • https://wordpress.com/posts/laniatucest.wordpress.com Lania Tucest

    Spread the energy, feel the love !!

  • faye

    watching your videos and listening to your thoughts, your perceptions are my life’s simple joys, i am literally in-love with you, sonya!

  • http://jessiesfreshness.blogspot.ru/ Jess Juice

    watched three times,thanks for the every word!


  • Lisa

    I love this video! BUT I do not understand why Sonya is following celebretes on Instagtam. If she says “Who give a chit”???

  • Bloggers Issue

    Hi lovely,

    Congrats, your blog post will be featured in Bloggers Issue Magazine


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