mykonos with folli follie.

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Photo 2016-07-08, 1 31 54 PM
Metallic Love Handbag | Twist Together (blue blackpack) | Fashionably Silver

A couple weeks ago, I travelled to one of my favorite places on planet Earth… Greece.
I cannot even begin to tell you how happy my soul is in this magical country. The sun, the air, the color of the sea, the food. THE PEOPLE. Greek people have this soul to them that is so free, so accommodating and caring, genuine, loving, and wild. Visit Greece when you feel like you want to know what it’s like to be alive.

I was lucky enough to be invited by Folli Follie and Hotel Brain to experience a Greek Island hopping trip. We basically started every morning on a helicopter, flew to an island, stayed at ridiculously beautiful hotels (My Mykonos Retreat was my favorite), ate fresh Greek cuisine, slept the night, and then repeat. Basically, I am one lucky girl. And I do not take it for granted.

I also visited Folli Follie’s newly renovated store in Athens (by the way, Athens was a dream for me since high school), and fell in love with their watches. Seriously check them out if you’re into bracelet stacking, or vintage-looking watches. They’re a dream.

Also, if you want more Greek Goodness, check out this video I made about the trip:

Folli Follie is also holding a contest you guys can enter, called “Travel The Fashionistas Way”, the winner will  receive air tickets and 3-nights stay at a Lyo, a premium hotel in Mykonos, plus 1 statement piece from their Mykonos store.
There’s also extra prizes of Folli Follie statement pieces to be offered locally.


  • Zeng Teck

    Looks like you’ve had so much fun! I wish I can go to Greece in the future :) It seems like every single blogger I’ve known had been to there hahah!

    Z E N G T E C K | Lifestyle, Tips & Thoughts

  • Natali

    Mykonos is wonderful and all of these photos madam want to transport myself there immediately!!! :)

  • Maru Conti
  • Veronica

    I swear, every blogger is travelling to Mykonos now and I wanna go more and more! Anyways, hope you enjoyed your trip. x

  • Katrien

    Loooove this blogpost. <3 (And loooove the Greek cuisine too!)

  • Xeniaoverdose

    I’m Russian too and I love your Russian videos :) this one is one of your best! such an inspiring spirit, I feel you and I wish you all the best!

  • Taylor

    You look amazing as always!

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