Perhaps this is one of the most exciting posts I will ever write.

Why? Because, my friends, one of my dreams has come true.

I have vision glasses now- that I actually need.
I’ve been obsessed with fake glasses since something like 2006, because my friends and I genuinely believed it was a cool accessory in grade school. Plus, you already know I’m in love with sunglasses and how they can make an outfit complete, because they are in essence an accessory to the face. When I travelled to South Korea last year, I bought a couple fake glasses, and ever since, have been bombarded with questions from you guys about where I got them.

Well fast forward to 2016, I’ve actually been having issues with my eyesight recently. Everything, especially from a distance, is uncomfortably blurry. Mind you, it’s not the point that it interferes with my everyday life, but it is a discomfort (that until I got my vision checked, I didn’t realize it’s significance).

I decided to get the new Clarifye eye exam at LensCrafters in Beverly Hills a couple of weeks ago. I experienced a incredibly cool, non-invasive technologically advanced exam. Dr. Meredith Barber told me I was actually far sighted, which would explain all my migraines and constant straining to see clearer.

Now, I never take these glasses off (they’re the Ray-Ban aviators with -0.5 optical lenses they custom made for me in store, within a matter of hours). It blows my mind how absolutely crisp everything is! You don’t really understand what you’re not seeing- until you put on glasses and suddenly you realize how horrible your vision can be without them.

So if you were one of those who asked me where I got my glasses, I highly recommend you check out LensCrafters and get a Clarifeye exam. Go to www.LensCrafters.com/Clarifye to find the nearest Clarifye.