Answering Questions ⋆ Sonya Esman

Why I left Los Angeles   ⋆    Rude celebrities I’ve met  ⋆   the Law of Attraction and how to use it to get everything you want  ⋆   I think everybody is an artist   ⋆   my favorite places in New York City  ⋆   where I go to school & get educated   ⋆   more talks of energy  ⋆    and most importantly
★⋆ make your life a living art ⋆★
  • Liv

    Striving and aspiring to living art.

  • Celina

    The part about Law of Attraction really peaked my interest and motivated me. I’m definitely going to look into it! xx

    Take Me to the Bay

  • neme

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  • Anny Smile

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