About me

I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia and moved to Toronto when I was 5 years old. I write a style blog, am a contributor to Conde Nast’s Canadian platform Fashionation TV, Skype’s Global Fashion Ambassador, and am also a full-time internationally represented model. I live every day with maximum positivity and strive to emit radiance, and I honestly have no idea where I’ll be headed tomorrow, which makes life all the more fun.

I’ve been making videos on YouTube since the very beginning (I’m an OG), but back then I recorded skits with friends to satisfy my love for acting. I also dabbled in making makeup videos after coming across beauty gurus, mind you, all at the age of about twelve. All throughout middle and high school I was really into acting, and was so adamant about following my dreams that somehow I was lucky enough to be in movies and shows like Degrassi, Camp Rock 2, Hemlock Grove, Suits, and then after signing with an agency, I landed a lead role in a commercial for Much Music, and Tresemme. With a burning desire to pursue my passions and further develop my YouTube channel & blog, I decided to leave high school in the eleventh grade to get home-schooled. Despite dealing with discouragement and doubts from others every day, I ended up graduating a year early with an average of 97%.To put it simply: when I am learning, I am having fun. I believe experience, whether it be through travel or practice, is the most important asset one can have.

Today I’m signed with Plutino Models in Toronto, and several agencies around Europe, and am modelling full time as well as making YouTube videos in both English and Russian.. and blogging for classisinternal.com. My main goal is to inspire people with my words and my photographs. I hope every post can either show you a foreign country, inspire you to wear something new, or believe in yourself a little more.