I want the magic.

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Leather vest: Vintage / Mustard blazer: ZARA / Black ripped jeans: ASOS / Bag: Fendi / Boots: Sigerson Morrison

No, no, trust me.. I don’t always take walks in the snow in summer clothes. It’s all for the photo. This outfit may as well be the 150% portrayal of my style at the moment. Favourite new Sigerson Morrison pointed toe boots, ripped jeans, vintage leather, modern Fendi- all the good things in life in one image.
When I was on the plane from Moscow to Toronto, I was a little frazzled, shocked, confused (you get it) at why I was going back to a place of the past, and what I was going to do with myself there. I worked really hard to get myself outside of Toronto to experience new things, so why was I returning? It actually hit me a few days ago- that since everything happens exactly as it should, my return and feelings of confusion once I sat at the restaurants I had so many memories in, the stores I used to shop at, the streets and the people I grew up with, would actually be a part of a greater picture. I’m working on a youtube video right now that I’m hoping with summarize the last few months of my life for my viewers, and hopefully inspire them to go after their dreams. It’s quite lovely, to be so connected with your thoughts and inside your thoughts all the time when the thoughts and ideas are coming from a place of happiness. Lots of creativity, lots of inspiration and lots of motivation runs through my veins these days- and I can’t wait to share the results.

Photos: Anat Morderer

Stranded in bliss.

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Faux leather jacket: Noul / Dress: Vintage / Loafers: SENSO (similar) / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

I am not kidding when I say that I belong in the desert. I’ve always been obsessed with the idea of isolation in nature, surrounded by orange sand, mountains, cacti, and palm trees. Something about it is so mysterious and inspiring. I couldn’t resist taking photos in the desert of Lanzerote, where I was on holiday with my family for just under a week before I flew to Florida to shoot an amazing campaign I can’t wait to share. I travelled with one suitcase for just over a month, non-stop from Moscow to Kaliningrad, to Spain to the US and then back to Russia, so it got a bit exhausting to have to recycle the same clothes dozens of times. This dress however has always been a favourite of mine- probably simply because it is vintage and obviously speaks louder and is more vibrant than something you can find in the mall today. I love things with rips, wear, love and a story. Sometimes I just walk around stores and come out empty handed realizing two things: 1. I don’t need anything, I am totally satisfied with everything I have. 2. I only like vintage stores now.

Do any of you guys just shop vintage or second hand now? Not because you’re so indie-hipster-underground like that, but because it just fits with your soul, your taste better?

I heard about WEAR from a few of my favourite fashion bloggers and decided to try it out, simply because there’s no other fashion-centric app or community out there that my favourite bloggers use now. I’m now pretty much obsessed and source all my inspiration from there, and then (with guilt) buy some things straight from there. Definitely make sure to download the app and follow me on there and I’ll check out all of your guys’ looks! Ah, I love the rush of really getting into new apps.

Moscow city.

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Coat: Urban Outfitters / Top: Christian Benner / Leather pants: PINGHE / Boots: Modern Vice / Bag: Alexander Wang

What is it with me and Moscow? Please tell me. Something about this city is so magnificent and culturally developed that it’s hard not to stare in awe everywhere you go. I’m in Moscow for a week as Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week Moscow’s official fashion blogger of the season, and am attending all of the amazing shows by Russian designers (including their hilarious after-parties). I feel like my life is sort of not real at the moment, like everything is so good I want to record it and make it into a movie but at the same time not share anything because it is so precious to me.
The only downside- it is literally January here. The weather is so frigid and cold but luckily my wool coat from Urban Outfitters has saved me everyday. Thank goodness I found it while shopping in Toronto while I was there for a week, and thank goodness I had the intellect to take it with me to the polar circle. Quick suggestion- if it’s frigidly cold where you live: invest in leather pants. They are the warmest pant I can think of because they insulate heat better than jeans or anything of that theme. I got these stunning leather pants from a London designer named PINGHE after falling in love with their FW2014 show from fashion week last season. You know you need something when you see it. That’s really been my philosophy lately, I don’t really buy anything unless I am lusting after it. Better to have less but better.