Beverly Chills.

Paisley shirt / Black ripped jeans / Jelly sandals
Photos by Katie Henderson

One year ago (by the way, here’s a post I made exactly a year ago) if you would have asked me what I wanted to do in life, what my goals where, I would essentially tell you about everything I have done in the past six or so months. It’s crazy, mind-blowing, how every little detail and vision I had when I was growing up, has become my reality. Everything from the people I dreamed of being friends with, relationships, travel, brands I dreamed of working with,  all these things have come true to the dot. Life is really all too simple and easy if you live honestly with yourself and do what you truly love doing. There’s no other way to win.

I spent the last week and a half in Los Angeles doing dozens of exciting meetings which basically have determined my future plans. I’m a big believer in talking less, and doing more- so in time, you will all be able to see what I have coming. One of the things I definitely promise, is more English YouTube videos, so if you haven’t already subscribed, go for it now!

On one of the last days I spent in LA, I shot with my (also Toronto-bred) friend Katie in Beverly Hills, wearing head-to-toe Ted Baker. In celebration of spring, Ted is having a Customer Event taking place on May 7th to 8th across all Ted Baker US & Canada stores with 20% off online, and on May 7th only,  artisanal drinks, complimentary gifts, and have a DJ in-store. See you there, loves.

Desert daydreaming.

IMG_3834IMG_3832Processed with MoldivProcessed with Moldiv
Photo 2015-04-11, 22 54 29Photo 2015-04-14, 15 00 55Black combat boots: Missguided
Tie-dye romper: Missguided / Hat: Worth & Worth
Fringe top: Missguided

I belong in the desert, my friends. Something about sand dunes that stretch for miles, cactuses, endless sunshine and palm trees makes me smile ear to ear.
Here are three more looks I wore to a couple weeks ago when I went to Coachella with Missguided, who I am endlessly grateful to for hooking me up with the raddest festival gear from their Festival Shop. Word of advice for festival-goers this season, get yourself combat boots. It is sandy, it is dirty, and it is not the time to be wearing your new gladiator sandals, unfortunately.

Photos: Anat Morderer