mtv vma’s red carpet.

sonya esman
sonya esman

sonya esman

As per usual: I get the news that I’m walking a red carpet, I get excited, I start planning, I think “eh, I’ll figure it out”, I don’t, I have 24 hours left and I go mad trying to get everything sorted.

Lo and behold why I always end up at Zimmermann when shopping for events, and why they never fail me.

I woke up at 7am, waved my hair with a straightening iron as we did when we were kids, carefully did my makeup and drove off, a little too caffeinated, a little too understated for how long it took me to do my makeup. Bydie posted my red carpet makeup and noted that I chose a “natural look”, which is ironic because it took me three hours to master.

Dress: Zimmermann | Nude sock boots: Tony Bianco | Earrings: Luv AJ

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