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White t-shirt: Garage / Boyfriend jeans: Objects Without Meaning / Leopard flats: SENSO / Bag: Chanel / White fedora: REISS / Bracelet: PANDORA / Rings: PANDORA

You can’t always be dressed up in heels and peplum dresses. You can’t always be productive. But here’s the catch: that’s actually a good thing. Yin and yang, am I right?
I know you would relate to the feeling of not wanting to do anything, at all. There’s tons you have to do in this very moment, but you (subconsciously) chose that it’s not morally important enough for you or not worth your time. So you do something else that you enjoy. What’s the fault in that? Simplify your life a bit. Do whatever calls to you, whatever brings you utter joy, and do it often because that’s how you eventually can come to make your passions into your occupation/job/source of income.

On this relaxed sunday I wore a simple white tee with my new Objects Without Meaning boyfriend(ish) jeans and SENSO flats. “PEACE” may seem like something awfully corny to spell out on my new PANDORA bracelet, but it’s something I have to remind myself to maintain, and hey, I got inspired on PANDORA’s facebook page to spell out something meaningful myself. When your mind is at war with itself ninety percent of the time, and the pace of life sometimes gets a bit much, it’s nice to have something that keeps you grounded. Some people get the word tattooed on their wrist, some have an amazing partner or family that holds ultimate importance. Do whatever need be, but do it often.

I also fell in love with this REISS hat when I saw it in stores- but now that I’ve purchased a total of three hats in London I’m starting to wake up and wonder how on earth I’m going to transport them home without bending them. It’s happened before when I put a hat in my luggage and then arrive at my destination to a hat with a wavy brim. Not fun, not fun..

Only one week left in London, a week of crazi-ness, travel, work, work, and more work. So excited to come to Russia at the end of this week. Fi-na-lly.

South Kensington.

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Photos: Mimi Ikonn
Grey top: River Island / Skirt: Vintage / Boots: ASOS / Bag: Chanel / Hat: Topshop / Watch: Daniel Wellington / Earrings: ASOS

London is generally very hard to comprehend or summarize. It varies so much in terms of architecture and culture, so it can be confusing from a tourist’s perspective, especially if they come from a city like Tokyo or Rome where there is a definite history, and a consistent display of that. In London, the only area I could say left a jaw-dropping impression of consistent culture was South Kensington. The stunning four floor town houses, the looked-after gardens, tiny streets, motorcycles. Everything is chic, crisp, and picture perfect. In short, it’s classy. I’m freakishly lucky enough to be staying something like a five minute walk from South Kensington, and right after I post this, you best believe I’m going to explore the area some more.

This outfit is something I would typically be expected to wear to a model casting. I found this grey top in River Island when I was shopping on Oxford Street one weekend, and knew it would be absolutely perfect because it has something early 2000′s about it- but it’s simple and figure-flattering enough to meet potential clients. Honestly, I typically go into castings wearing something unconventional, like a baby doll dress or a t-shirt that says “models suck”. It’s not me to wear a little black dress, platform pumps and my hair in ponytail. I would hate my life if I had to dress a certain way to attain approval from my agency or clients, so even if somebody doesn’t pick me for a job because my silk camisole was not hugging my body enough for them to see my waist (which, when in the hell would this happen anyway), I’m okay with that. Succumbing to the “norm” in order to achieve success is awfully dangerous, because even if you achieve that success it will feel foreign to you. You’re not success for being you. So who are you now, anyway?