The comfort zone | nyfw day two.

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24 copyDress: LN Family / White sneakers: Topshop / Scarf: Vintage / Bag: Chanel / Sunglasses: Quay

When I saw this dress on the racks at my shoot with Elle Girl in Moscow, I envisioned Paris fashion week and all the chic street style that comes along with it. Paris fashion week is not in my plans, so NYC had to do! The stunning piece is made in St.Petersburg, Russia and when people stopped me on every street to ask where I bought the dress, I proudly said “it’s a Russian designer”.
Also, can we take a moment to appreciate this white sneaker trend and how major designers are proving that you don’t need to wear stilettos with your outfits to put your look together. Pointing at you, Chanel. I walked from midtown NYC to soho and back up in this outfit and I had not a single blister or bandaid taken out of my bag. So perhaps the comfort zone is not the enemy at all times. I now always carry around flats in my handbag if it is space permitting, because your feet can only be abused so many times. I have a theory that a model is not a model if her hair is healthy and her feet are perfectly pedicured and without a single scab. Only in my dreams, or retirement… so in my dreams basically.

Last photos by Esther Jung | Rest by Mangue Banzima

Spongebob sweater | nyfw day one.

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NYFW is something else. It’s probably the most inspiring and rewarding week of the year, especially in September because there ain’t much that’s inspiring about the February weather. For my first day of the fashion month season I decided to say screw u to fashion and wear a borderline pyjama borderline just-came-back-from-nickelodeon-studios-suvenir-shop sweater to the BCBG and Coach shows I had in the morning. Coach was especially inspiring because I think they’re taking a more youthful and contemporary approach to fashion, which I loudly applaud them for. Their presentation was stunning, I mean, pastel fur, shearling, birks, sounds like something I would totally wear in the (canadian) spring. You know me, I’ll wear white converse in 5 feet deep snow because no other pair of shoes looked quite as good with my outfit. (Fine print: I get sick like every other week in the winter because risking health for fashion has it’s downfalls).

It’s especially exciting to go home after a day at NYFW, wake up and find yourself on the best-dressed list of NY mag, Nylon, Vogue Russia, Company Magazine and so on.  I only have you guys and spongebob to thank, so thank you.
I visited the NYLON offices later that day and had a tour of the office, which made the high-school girl within me squeal because my friends and I have always been obsessed with NYLON. After that I ran into Esther, who shot 99% of the pictures above. I ended my day at the Schutz presentation where Alessandra Ambrosio was frolicking and posing for the hundreds of photographers, so after I took in the fact that a VS angel was before my eyes, I went home for some much needed sleep blogging. Until tomorrow, NYC.

First photo by Motilo (Victoria Adamson) / Rest by Esther Jung / Nylon Street style by On Abbot Kinney (Michael Dumler).


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The older I get, the more places I travel to and the more dreams I accomplish, the more I learn that it doesn’t matter so much where you are or what you’re achieving, it matters who‘s by your side whilst it’s happening. I didn’t grow up with a large family, we never sat down for dinners or had huge reunions, so I can’t say family values are something that were instilled in me from a young age. Spending four days with my family in Kaliningrad, Russia, made me realize how literally, any and every complex and problem is demolished when you’re with people who love you.

For those of you who didn’t know, I lived in Kaliningrad for something like four years before I moved to Canada. It’s a little province of Russia that is disconnected from the mainland, it’s on the Baltic Sea to the right of Poland. Visually, it is very similar to other European countries like Germany or Poland so at some points you can barely tell you’re actually in Russia. Basically, it’s beautiful. We spent the days driving out to the sea, picking apples from the trees in the country, filming my new video for Topshop, and eating Russian blinis (crepes). After four days, my dad and I drove to Moscow for my shoot with Elle Girl, but that’s a whole other blog post..