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Plaid shirt dress: LuLu*s / Fedora: LuLu*s / Watch: Vintage Casio / Bag: Chanel / Heeled boots: LuLu*s

Summer is good. September is great. Mid September is even better. Oh, but October… the minute it becomes October is the minute I become the happiest human on Earth.
Seriously name one beautiful thing in my life that hasen’t happend in October. Nature reaches it’s peak, the days turn to never-ending adventures with friends, black boots and sweaters come out from hiding…and persimmons are in season. Yea yea, and pumpkin spice lattes.

Obviously moving to LA, I sadly won’t be able to witness all the beautiful changing leaves and first snowfall. But as the sun sets earlier and the cooler nights come earlier, I’ve been wearing more of my flannels. I fell in love with this flannel dress when I was browsing LuLu*s fall collection, and weeping over the fact that my body won’t be able to cuddle up in a knit sweater until like, New York fashion week in February.

What fall fashion trends are you anticipating?
(Photos: Mary Leest)

I’m bringing classic back.

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Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate the first day of Autumn with me and UGGs at the Grove yesterday! Those little black bad boys you see above, yea, I customized them. When I came into the store they told me that I could customize my own UGGs, so I obviously gravitated towards the edgiest design of them all. Seriously- how cool did they turn out? You know me and my black boots…

It’s always an indescribable feeling when I get to meet you all in person. I share so much of my life on the internet that when we finally come face-to-face, there’s never any need for small talk. You know about me, I know you probably have something in common with me, since you follow my blog. It’s like catching up with an old best friend. Thank you thank you thank you. Hopefully the more time I spend in LA, the more events I’ll be hosting! x

(Photos by Kristina Radiy)

Ones to watch party with Maybelline.

Photo Sep 17, 6 09 32 PM

This year, Maybelline invited me to attend the PEOPLE Ones to watch party in Hollywood. I flipped out and didn’t know what to wear, so of course, I turned to the only honest and warm-hearted critics I know: you guys. I recorded a YouTube video from my New York City hotel room testing out two potential looks for the party and asking for your vote. To my surprise, most of you voted for look number two: a more grown-up, 70’s inspired look, which is pretty outside of my comfort zone. But hey, I’m all about experimentation.
Look number two encompassed a cropped paisley print top and bell-bottom jeans from Reformation, as well as a coppery-red makeup look.

Maybelline products used:
Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara [in black, 2 coats]
Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Pencil [thicker catwing line]
Define & Fill Brow pencil [dark brown, for a dramatic brow]
Color Blur Lip [in Plum, Please] Photo Sep 17, 6 28 24 PM

Photo Sep 17, 6 08 27 PM

This was pretty much my first Hollywood party since moving to LA.  I kind of knew what I was getting myself into, but entirely oblivious at the same time. I walked in and got escorted to the red carpet/press wall, where photographers line up behind you and  take thousands of photos of you, scream your name, and essentially just make you feel like a million bucks. That alone, was exhilarating. I then walked over to Maybelline’s activations at the venue,  which had the cutest selfie mirror I’ve ever seen in my life [see below]. I tried out some more new product and did some sneaky touch-ups.

Now, this may seem extreme of me to say, but I entirely mean it. I met so many amazing people at the event. Some of who I have admired for years online, some of who blew my mind at how we’ve never met. Imagine being in a room with up and coming talented people… it’s like a fairytale waiting to happen. I won’t speak of what exactly happened, but I was randomly approached and was offered an opportunity I dream of every day. Oh, Hollywood.

Photo Sep 17, 6 08 47 PM

If you haven’t seen my Getting Ready video yet, you can watch it above.
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ps.. Thank you guys. It’s not about the red carpets or the illusions they can provide.. it’s all about the love you guys leave me on photos and videos. Your respect and pride in me is priceless. Love you.