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C/meo Strapless Dress | DIY By Panida sequin denim jacket | Gucci loafers
Photography by Ted Emmons 

How did I spend my valentines day? Definitely loveless.
Well, it was filled with a different kind of love. I spent the morning shooting this traffic-stopping c/meo collective dress in concrete jungle with Nordstrom. Might I add, in below zero temperatures and a decently chilling snowfall. I then jetted back to LA right before leaving on my trip back to Toronto to shoot the cover for FLARE magazine. Now, flash forward, I’m back in LA, rehearsing lines for an exciting acting job to come. All the while, questioning my everyday motives and trying to invest more of my time into education. Like they say… what is life.
I can’t even.

New York Fashion Week.

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Jacket: (custom made) JnLLovet / Dress: Keepsake the label / Thigh-high boots: Schutz
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Scarf: Charlotte Simone (ON SALE!) / Coat: C/meo Collective / Leather leggings: Robert Rodriguez

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I had the absolute pleasure of staying at one of my favorite NYC hotels, The Dream Downtown. Brilliantly tucked away right by the Chelsea Market, I walked to most of my shows and shoots. I seriously still wake up and miss the granola bowl that came to my door every morning. Is it possible to feel more at home in a hotel than in your own, actual home? I guess it is.

The dream of life.

The transformation of consciousness.

Alan Watts, probably my favorite human being to ever live on this earth. I listen to his speeches when driving, when flying in airplanes, instead of turning on music and trying to dull my mind. He makes me realize how infinitely valuable and crucial our physical existence is.
Thank you to Imani, Toni, and Mary for helping me film this video all around California over the past two months. Endless love to each and every one of you. x