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sonya esman sonya esman

sonya esman

eleuthera, the bahamas. march 2018.
photography by samuel black.

skincare muse.

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Sunday Riley UFO Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil: I’ve been using this face oil for almost a year, and have re-purchased it over and over again. It’s that good. I have acne-prone skin, and the magic in this oil is salicylic acid, milk thistle and cucumber seed oil. It’s my favorite oil for effectively and clinically fighting acne and blackheads, without drying out my skin.

Herbivore Lapis Balancing Facial Oil: I’ve only been trying this oil for a week, yet I saw a huge difference within the first day. It evened out my skin tone and lightened some of my acne scars. Again, this is an oil specifically targeted for acne and blemish prone, but sensitive skin.

It contains a component called Azulene– which is deep blue in color & acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory & antibacterial agent, which helps in reducing redness & clarifying your complexion. 

Angela Caglia Detox Serum: Angela Caglia is a skincare brand I’ve been using for almost a month; I traveled to London exclusively using Angela’s products, which was such a nice break from all the harsh chemicals I usually put on my skin. This detox serum is one my favorite products.

It contains powerful antioxidants and hydrators, including chlorophyll, meadowfoam seed oil, tea tree oil, and hyaluronic acid-which in effect draws out impurities like excess oil, pollution, and toxins from congested pores.

SkinCeuticals Blemish & Age Defence: Skinceuticals is a brand I know I can trust. I’ve never been in touch with the brand, they don’t even know I exist, and I am more than happy to spend money on their products because I know they are incredibly functional. This is a product a cosmetologist recommend for my skin a year ago.

I love it because I can feel it tightening my pores and zapping my pimples, overnight. It says it reduces sebum production (which is something I suffer with, probably due to unbalanced hormones). If it also delays aging, I’m all for it.

Angela Caglia Luxurious Face Oil: To add onto the Angela Caglia products I’ve been loving, this oil is exactly what it says it is: luxurious. I use this when my skin feels incredibly dry due to my occasional use of prescription Retin-A 0.01%. I use this at night and massage it into my skin, and it feels and smells like a $1000 facial. Such a must-have if you have dry skin.

Dior Capture Youth Lift Sculptor tempImageForSave 5

Dior Capture Youth Lift Sculptor – Lifting Serum
How many good words can I say about this stuff? I use this morning & night, and it does exactly what it says: lifts and scultps, gets rid of the puffiness we all get in the morning, makes your skin glow and your cheekbones show.
Must-have forever, and always.

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Too cool for school pore tightening mask
Talika bio enzymes purifying mask
Talika bio enzymes brightening mask
Jessica Gomes equal beauty moisture veil 
My Beauty Diary Mask Collagen Firming Mask

spring fever with neiman marcus.

Photo Mar 22, 2 00 44 AM
Photo Mar 22, 1 41 22 AM
If there’s one thing that has held truth for my entire life: it’s that spring brings change.
Change of scenery, change of being, change of mind, change of life.
To celebrate the change of season, I shot three different looks all purchased from Neiman Marcus, who I collaborated with for their April CUSP campaign.
Photo Mar 22, 4 24 29 PM
Photo Mar 22, 4 11 49 PM
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The Upside Holly Cropped Fleece Hoodie

The Upside Sport Logo Legging
Photo Mar 22, 4 15 04 PM
Photo Mar 22, 4 18 48 PM
Photo Mar 22, 4 22 47 PM
Helmut Lang Crewneck Short-Sleeve Knot Baby Tee

Photo Mar 22, 11 20 33 AM
Photo Mar 21, 3 21 13 AM
Photo Mar 21, 3 19 34 AM

Photo Mar 22, 4 26 25 PM
Rag & Bone Isabel Moto Jean
which look was your favorite?